Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Has the King returned to Neverland ? Larry King Says So

WOW - Is That Michael Jackson's Spirit walking through Neverland ?

Larry King recently did an interview which included a tour inside Michael Jacksons bedroom suite. while filming a dark shadow appears at the end of the hall, in the shot.

We think it's a Spooky filmtrick done by CNN - to boost hits to their site. watch it and tell us if you think it's really The King Returning to Neverland.


Dr Faustroll said...

That ain't Mikey "He'll eat anything" Jackomov. Looks more like Robert Downey Junior, or maybe somebody channelling Johnnie Carson.

Do you realize that more than 1,598,642,109 people worldwide have killed themselves since hearing that the Klingon of Pop was dead.

No wonder the tragic death of Isalami MJ continues to make the world focus on the most important things that humans, particularly in the NOMF™, can focus upon, because God tells us to.

No matter if that pink meat is black or white.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Doc Faustroll - Damn Doc, can the man at least get a break on the day of his funeral ?

But then again You Are Faustroll..

Mr. New Dilemma said...

Ooh, spooky. Happy belated birthday!

askcherlock said...

I don't believe that it was a ghost at all. There were a number of people milling around, per Anderson Cooper, and any one of them could have cast a shadow. I prefer to believe that Michael is in a much better place than this and that he is finally at peace.

Did you see the tribute to him? I thought it was very moving. I also thought I saw the Rev. Sharpton diss Michael's father. Good for him if he did. I guess I am not that forgiving of the old abuser.

Mrs4444 said...

I have no idea, but that is funny :)

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Moon Goddess Lae said...

camera trick! CNN boo! haha

Moon Goddess Lae said...

camera trick! CNN boo! peace!

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Mr New Dillema - Hey, Thanks.
you know that's spoooooky.
gonna keep it for halloween and repost it again.
should be just as much fun when the king returns.

thanks for your comment and birthday wishes

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Cherlock - you know I taped it all, from the start to the wrap. I was a lifelong Michael Stan. I would watch if nobody else did. ;)

I think that if mike was to come back, he wouldn't do it on Larry King. personally speaking, he wasn't all that into larry after the way he tried to castigate him post trial.

looking back, I think Mike was a tortured soul, and he will find rest, finally.

now that biaaaatch joe, he needs to find somewhere to have him a seat and stfu.

Michaels' daughter Paris, took everybody's heart. she was the perfect voice to speak for her father. you could see it in her eyes. the family did the right thing by letting them see him, so that they would know he was gone. there is nothing unusual about those kids, and they were just as normal as we all thought, now that we've seen them. I think the media lied on them and Mike for their whole lives.

that must be tough as a kid, to have to endure.

I still say that I believe that Mike was the target of a hit. believe that will be coming up in a blog reaaalllll soon. I got my eye on joe and tommy. they hands ain't clean, oh hell no.

thanks for the comment sweets

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Mrs4444 - Wow, that almost looks like blanket.
deep. wonder if the post thingy is feelin Mike ?

thanks for your comment

RE Ausetkmt said...

@MoonGoddess - yeah it's an obvious shadow, but of what ? that's not mike but it is fun, isn't it.

do you think it could be Elvis ? LOL ;)

thanks for your comment

Dorothy L said...

That is probably one of the nicest. and peaceful photos I have seen yet.