Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jaaaane stop this crazy thiiiingggg

On Sundays we enjoy pondering many things; especially while we grocery shop and drive place to place doing our errands. this switch seeemed like something we could use around Entrecard these days.. I know.. I'm soooo baaaadddd. but somebody had to say it; so why not me, as usual.

Being that I'm a boomer, I love Ms. Jane Jetson. she does after all represent me. So For Today -  I'll Adopt My Ms Jane, and believe me - Ms Jane is NOT Amused with Entrecard; being that this is the future of blogging and all that other *grahamtoric.

The central theme today is still Entrecard. We wrote a piece today on EntrePOD all about the Pink Ribbon we have on our dashboard for this site.  and before you ask, it's Not For Decoration Daisy.

As All Of You Know Our friend Ms Daisy the curly cat starts all kinds of fashion trends on entrecard; (and we don't want her thinking we're tryin somethin on our own over here).

"Oh No Daisy,, it wasn't for decorating US. I Knoww.. A Totally Crazy Waste of Pink." (smh)

in the interest of time, I'll just repost it instead of linking to it.

Before I get started, let me say that this is just my experience as of recent;  and it is not hopefully an indication of the present state of Entrecard; nor a statement of what may become of Entrecard in the future.

several days ago, all of our sites were struck with a redirect bug. the bug worked it’s way across our self hosted platform of 4 blogs; as well as into our blogger hosted blog - BadGalSays. 5 blogs at once.

well in typical fastdraw fashion Entrecard posted a warning ribbon on my dashboard. I must admit the pretty pink was quite entertaining the first couple times I saw it; but as the problem has long been remedied and fixed – and I’ve contacted them to confirm the fix – Ms Jane wants to know why is it still there ?

Interesting indeed ..
Your blog currently has a “redirect” on it that sends users to a different site. Please review and correct the problem. Thank you.

Okay so I’ve written them more than 10 times to ask them to remove the ribbon; since I’ve rebuilt the site in question, sanitized it and it’s now working flawlessly - As You The Reader Can See.

This weekend while dropping ec's I’ve noticed several blogs, who are complaining of similar problems; for extended peroids of time as well. Ohh OOOOOOhhhhh This Is Noooot Goooood for a start up management co. who seemed eager to put Entrecard Back On It's Upright Legs. makes you wonder if they're at the beach with Graham..

obtw we add a new entrephrase to our vast list "grahamtoric" 
Grahamtoric: Rhetoric used on Entrecarders; by it's inventor Graham Langdon.

this leads us to ask the question – is anybody minding the store really ?

Helloooooooooo Entrecard,,, Fo Real Doh, Is Anybody Hooommmeeeee ???????????????????

re sig Hellooooo Entrecard, Is Anybody Hoooooommeeeee ?


Dorothy L said...

It is funny how efficient they are to catch things but to remove things...oh my....simply too busy:)

Its like a bank...they love you until you sign and then try to get a hold of them...such as life!


Jacqueline said...

Has there been some type of letter from new management telling us what to expect for the future? Limbo seems to be where we are.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Dorothy said it well... your mistake and they are all over it....theirs and you can crickets.

Daisy said...

I would like a pretty pink ribbon, too! But not if it is for something Bad. They should make the warning ribbon a different color so they do not ruin the beautiful image of the color pink.

RE said...

@Dorothy - they are asleep at the wheel; or else they are really absentee and checking in from the beach with graham. and to think this is supposed to be control.

yeah right - thanks for the comment sweets !

RE said...

@Jacqueline - do you think that letter really means they are gonna change ? we doubt it.

the only change we can see is They Want More From Us. stooooped

Thanks for the comment J,

RE said...

@Fashiona, you know they came here and read this post, and then decided to actually take the ribbon down on monday evening. just so ya know, they pay attention to Ms. Jane.

thanks for your comment sweets

RE said...

@Daisy - I agree with you.
they should have chosen a RED ribbon to warn us, because Pink is Far to Pretty and Fashionable to be useful for such a dismal task.

Thanks for your comment Ms. Daisy