Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Says The Fake Don't Work

just so you know - we've recently seen some folks who were working on pretending to work. they really don't have any shows booked - but they seem to show up wherever folks congregate to pretend to be a star; or to have a career.  even the iphone Paparazzi got in on this..

are we kidding - no, look at this,

click to see the larger version

Yeah Rightttt Kimmy.. Big Up to Our Bigger Lil Bro on The Beach.
Do The Damn Thang Bwoy, Cause Ya Know How It GO Baby Brotha.
Yes this is my younger brother at work, in Miami Beach.
Lil Kim was a recent guest who wanted to take a pic with my
Handsome Brotha - butterah she betta be careful cause she don't
know MY Sista In Law - she doesn't have fake anything. Including My Brother..
obtw, she did tip.. more than a smile and a wave. cause she ain't got no booty

Uhhh Ruhhhh Kim.. we see ya tryin to hang with the Starzzzzzzzz.

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