Thursday, July 30, 2009

Somehow I just don't feel like a beer today.. I've Got Amnesia coming at 6

This is the video from the officers of cambridge mass in support of their fellow officer sgt crowley. the female who speaks, makes me want to slap my monitor. I will stop there as I am sure everyone will have their own opinion of this little demonstration and exercise in "Can't We All Just Get Along-ism". why didn't they just start singing "kum baya"

later this evening, the president - professor gates and sgt crowley are said to be sitting down to discuss the episode over a beer. the entire episode has now turned itself inside out; and the victim is now the attacker.

I am still not feeling this fake commiseration because the episode that occured, cannot be resolved with simply a bottle of beer. Glen Beck is on tv calling the president a racist; and we tolerate that bs ?

why do we now need amnesia when we can see what led to this ? why not really talk about the problem HONESTLY; and work on a REAL Solution. Lets work out a way for this bs to never ever happen to Anyone Ever Again in America.

Sometimes The Media can be a very bad influence on Reality; as we can see from this case.

WE The People - Need to Reign Them In NOW,


Michael said...

You know the one thing that no one, besides MSNBC, is taking into account?

The damn charges were dropped.

Which means it wasn't a rightous bust to begin with.

And race ain't got shit to do with that.

Denise Lee said...

OK, I used to date cops back in the day and I watch a lot of police shows on TV - so I feel uniquely qualified to tell you that cops do their dirty work together - the wall of blue is higher than the racial divide when it comes to their doings. And the black female cops? well lemme not slander folks in public, LOL. But seriously have you ever come up against a Black cop who's been on th ejob so long he thinks all dark skinned people are criminals or potential criminals?

Did anyone notice that they are all saying the same thing though? This crap was engineered or else they would have interviewed them in private with their faces and voices disguised.