Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome Back to the Clean and Disinfected BadGalSays

Welcome, yes welcome..
I think that goes without saying. I'm sure you're saying to yourself.. Hmmm.. wonder when she did all this ?

welllllllll when the gremlins gave themselves priority I had to take it and put it into action. it's 330am Friday
and I began working on the problems with the four effected blogs on Thursday at about 300pm - yeah..

So to put it short and sweet, Welcome.
how do you like the new look ? is it appealing to the eye ? ergonomic enough ? easy to find what you want ? is anything missing ? since this is the moving in peroid and the template is still looking for corrections, we're asking for your help to fix our faux paus; before monday.

So Tell Us, Whadya Think ?


askcherlock said...

This is such a great look and took much effort, I'm sure. It's classy and easy to navigate. I LOVE it. :) Kudos, RE!

Dorothy L said...

I think it's smashing & sexy...just like it's creator :0
You are missing one thing though....MY PINUP:)

LOL...just kidding.
It has a very neat & clean look!
A job well done!


Michael said...

Much better.

Liza said...

I love it!!!

Daisy said...

Your blog is looking really clean and fresh! I like it.

ps: I did get redirected a few times, glad you were able to fix everything!

Denise Lee said...

Very nice mama, I know I know I have bee seriously MIA and can't promise that I am back either, LOL. Hate that I can't comment with a profile of my own choosing though

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful!!! I love the new arrangement. Great job. :-)