Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Caribana Trash Out.. Literally - Get Your Free Guide Here

Caribana is a stinker this year - oh yes it is. why you ask - Trash In The Streets, Literally.

Toronto has a  trash problem; and it's put a damper on the party because the trash is making it's appearance all over the provence.  we saw it in windsor when we went over a few days ago, and it's riiiiiiipe ta-ras mi tell unnu. the smell of old garbage sitting in the street for weeks, in the hot sun; having been rained on for weeks. well it's undescribable Thank Jah we had ac and could roll up the windows of the car to block it out, till we got out of the area, where it was piled up high -  On the main street, Oullette.

We Love Caribana and all festivals that celebrate the heritage of the caribbean. this is the website of Caribana 2009, which shows you what's happening this year, at the month long festival - in Toronto.


They Say regardless of the trash, Caribana will go on as planned.  I just wonder who's going to clean up after the party of approximately one million revelers ?

Just think, the trash of one million people; ontop of the refuse of the past almost two months of Torontonians .. MESS, STINK and Health Hazzard. 

Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this trash strike, and quick.  our friends at the Toronto City Blog have been documenting the trash strike, and we've followed it through their photojournal. it's a tremendous mess. I love Toronto and this mess makes it seem like such a dirty place.  when I went to undergrad school at McGill I loved the area and planned on moving back one day - but if the trash problems are like this, hey who will be there at all eventually ?

Listen you Govenment Folks - Toronto, and Ontario Needs To Clean Up The Trash Handler's Issues and Get This Trash Picked Up NOW.  that is all, now carry on.

take a look at this from BETNews.com Today

Toronto’s annual Caribana, which began July 14, is said to attract $300 million in revenue to the city. This year’s event, however, has forced some changes that leave the remaining days of the festival and its overall success uncertain. The 24,000 unionized sanitation employees and other city workers have reportedly forced Toronto’s tourist bureau to scale back its promo efforts. City officials fear embarrassment before visitors, who often travel from throughout the world to attend the event.

Pungent trash has polluted much of the air floating around Caribana’s rhythmic steel drum lines, curvy dancers and colorful costumes in the weeks since late June when strikers stopped collecting garbage. Mayor David Miller says litter is making the problem worse.

“It is becoming clear that there is a small group of people that are taking advantage of this strike to use Toronto as their personal dumping ground,” Miller recently told media. “This is not and should not be acceptable to any of us. I would ask people to be patient.” 

Reports vary among opposing sides about the progress in contract negotiations.

The strike has already forced Caribana to re-locate its kick-off from Nathan Phillips Square to Yonge Street and Dundas Square for the first time in its decades-long history. Formally known as the Scotiabank Caribana Festival, the event’s King and Queen of the Bands competition has organizers nervous since it’s due to happen July 30 at a city-staffed venue. But an even bigger issue if the strike is not resolved will be the mess left behind from an expected 1 million observers of the Caribana Parade on Aug. 1.

Residents, business owners, city workers and officials all agree that it would be a funky situation.

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Dorothy L said...

Oh my...that girl is literally busting out :P

Yes Toronto is definitely having some issues. What international city or even what county wouldn't if the Garbage patrol went on strike for weeks..it would be horrible everywhere.

It is just another sign that the world is going to the dumps :)