Friday, January 1, 2010

FAF: Reciprocity - that's the tone for the 2010

My Prayer This Year is for Reciprocity Across the Board - NO MORE FRIENEMIES

we want to start the year out right; so were starting it on Fake Ass Friday.

We've spent so much time doing for others; that  there are times when we wonder when someone will do something for us. that is why this year we will have Reciprocity Across The Board. some of our visitors may wonder what this means, and quite frankly if you don't understand; honestly we're not suprised. so much has happened and so many stood back and looked as though there was nothing they could DO or SAY.
If we gave you love and you didn't return it -  That Ended 12/31/2009 - Starting Today, Reciprocity Across the Board is how it's working here. sadly  too many adults don't seem to understand common respect. if that's the issue, expect we won't be far from your lead. people need to understand that WORDS ARE THINGS AND THEY MATTER.

We've endured enough FAKE ASS Frienemies; Little Minded Gamers; Generalized Manipulators; Cheap Ass F/Tools; Broke Ass Users and LIARS; so many that infact We've decided it's ENOUGH.  No we're not gonna call names because YOU ALL Know Who You Are. Speaking plainly, Everyone Else Does Too - so this year I'm Setting an early Tone for ALL Of YOU,


Doctor Faustroll said...

Yo RE -

I think I'll reestablish the AADL (Asshole Anti-Defamation League) and start offering cards again to those who like to carry such things.

Maybe go in for a little extreme tit for tat.

Bring on the bong!

The word verification made me think of Whuffo Shakespeare: There are more things than are dreamt of in my philostophy, waratio.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Doc you need to open up a clinic for these thirsty hongry ass haters.

can I make a few referrals for quick treatment ? all of em are lobotomy eligible. trust me