Sunday, January 10, 2010

MM: What time is-it 4:20 ? ooooooo, SNOOP Daddy !

oooooooooo Big Snoop,, Have Mercy !

Today we're once again reminding all our friends that there is a solution to america's mounting debt and depresion - FEDERALLY LEGALIZED MEDICAL MARIJUANA.

We know that lots of states have legalized Medical Marijuana; but the federal laws still make it illegal.  isn't it about time we axed the Harrison Act; and beefed up our civil rights ?  

Snoop Dogg talks about his role in "Weeds"

If Medical Marijuana was legalized, many sufferers of longterm depression; and chronic pain wouldn't have to worry about getting their medicine. the fact remains that roughly 70% of the US population does or has used marijuana at one time or another one.

Hello America, isn't it time we stopped smoking in the closet? 

Snoop Dogg's Medical Marijuana Card: Don't Leave Home Without It

According to TMZ, Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg chivalrously stepped into a potentially awkward situation at a Norfolk, Virginia hotel, when he claimed that a package of pot mailed from Canada to one of the Doggfather's crew -- was actually intended for him. Snoop then flashed his California medical marijuana card, but the entourage addressee was hauled off anyway. No word on who retained custody of the package.

I found this video answers alot of the basic questions most people have on the medical marijuana card. the guys talk frankly because they see the need to let you know what the real deal is on the card, and how it effects your personal security. most peoples biggest worries are about their personal security and who will know you have the card. watch ths short piece to put your mind a litle more at ease.

This is our Music Monday submission -Eek A Mouse "I Love Weed"

we love Eek a Mouse and these girls are so cute; just chillin and getting their prescriptions filled - at a legal co-op in california. this is how it should be, for those who need it. lets take weed out of the alley and put it into the hands of those who really need it.

"Legalize It and I Will Advertise It" - Peter Tosh

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