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Smile Jamaica - We're Emancipating Ourselves from Rita Marley

Sadly we report that the Annual Smile Jamaica Concert will not be held this year. Jamaican' reported today (01/26/2010)  that apparently there are some issues preventing the promoters, from making the 2010 Bob Marley Smile Jamaica Birthday Show from happening. they say that 2011 will be bigger and better. We will be waiting to see.

Remember The Smile Jamaica Concert ?

and Now for Part Two - take dat Rita !

This is our Smile Jamaica Tribute; To The Mon Bob Marley OM

Personally speaking, we think it's got to do with the licenses and huge royalty fees that Rita Marley is now requiring from those who wish to do anything; with the image or music of Bob Marley. She is even requiring royalties from annual events - such as Smile Jamaica; started By Bob Himself.  talk about misuse of a royalty clause.  Rita is way off base with this move.  many of Bobs' peers have spoken about her attitude toward "Bob's Legacy" over the years; and none of it is ever good.  she is infact considered "a parriah"; and mostly shunned in the  reggae music community and Jamaica itself.

Everyone Says that Rita is NO Friend to Bob

it seems with Bob's Royalty Legacy questions still floating over the heads of Rita and her lawyers, she knows this is not the time to go passing the dutchie on the right hand side.  her reputation is spent with most of the world, because we know that she is not the righteous Bob loving person she presented herself to be. she has a sad case of  "redeye" unable to get her priorities inline with Bob's or his Life as a Rastafarian.

we wonder if that's what Bob is pondering in the pic above ?  

people have wondered for decades if this could this be the real reason he left her for so many other women ? could this be the reason she was just a member of the I-Threes ?  everyone knows that she never slept in the same room with Bob when they were At Home; or on tour - EVER.

Apparently Bob didn't consider her his wife "enough" to prevent her from seeing his relationships with plenty of other women; who bore his kids. she was just another "Jacket Hanger" as people in Jamaica say about women who have children by men, just to get a ring and a last name.  that sums it up from what we can see of Rita. Bob was just a Green card and a lifelong golden meal ticket.

He's dead and she's still holding his legacy down. Why Rita ?

Marley's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Just last year she was able to cut Aston "Family Man" Barrett out of his portion of the original Wailers royalties. it's been said that she is the most hated woman who ever bottled up a Jamaican Hero's legacy. many people have forgotten that Rita is from CUBA; Not Jamaica. she came to Jamaica as a youngster with her mom; as an exile from Cuba. shes seems to have forgotten herself. in fact several years ago we uncovered the fact that she didn't receive her jamaican citizenship papers until AFTER she was married To Bob Marley - a Born Jamaican.

these days we see Rita prancing around Africa as a Nana; Yeah Right, nannygoat is more like it. this woman can't even visit Jamaica without a contingent of Armed Security Guards Protecting Her. she is hated and knows that her life is in grave danger in Jamaica - since she started this "I Represent BOB's Legacy" bs.

when her Mother In Law, Ms. Cedella was buried in Jamaica - she didn't attend because it was much too dangerous. she knows that the very people who helped to make her stolen fortune, hate her guts; for  stealing and subverting Bob's Legacy. this is why she moved to Ghana - to protect her life. she lives in a castle in Accra, with armed guards.  why would she need armed guards if she is loved by everyone ?  all riiiiiiteeey then.

many who are not in the Jamaican Gossip Loop don't know the amount of threats and the disgust the general population of Jamaica has for Rita. she will never be free to move about in Jamaica again, after her attempts to remove Bob's body from nine miles; to be reburied in Ethiopia. there were direct threats on her life, and plots were uncovered to slice her in half - literally. Rastamen mounted a campaign within their Nyabingi circles to stop Rita's unrighteous removal.

this is not idol talk, as these men have held a vigil outside the nine miles Bob Marley Cultural Center since 2001; around the clock.  the rastamen are there to meet anyone who wants to enter and visit Bob. we met them when we were there several times. we have continued to speak with them yearly on their anniversary of starting the vigil. they say they will continue their vigil; to ensure that Bob Remains IN Jamaica Ivermore.

those who spoke with us in confidence about Rita and her schemes; made it clear that she will never again have the liberty with Bob's legacy, IN Jamaica again. We can see that from the cancellation of this years celebration. no doubt you'll still see the large parties and concerts in other places in the world; but they will never rival the hometown celebrations held for Bob; by Bob's Community in Jamaica Every Year.

Be Sure to Join BadGalsRadio for Our Annual Bob Marley Concert Series; the whole month of February. we feature music, photos, videos and of course coverage of events and concerts worldwide held in Bob's Honor.
to catch up on the latest Bob Marley News - check out the stories we've linked for you below. please be sure to leave your comments on what you think this years cancellation represents to the Marley Legacy and the Smile Jamaica Concert people.

We'll be waiting for that Smile in 2011; Marley Family

Smile Jamaica 2010 Called Off
Ghetto Youth’s International, organizers of the annual Bob Marley concert Smile Jamaica, have announced that the 2010 staging of the celebration of the King of Reggae’s birth would have to be called off, due to numerous circumstances.

Smile Jamaica spokesperson Norman Bryan, said yesterday that while the organisation was looking forward to staging the concert after “there are some extenuating circumstances that just cannot be ignored, and there’s no way we could proceed with the concert bearing them in mind.”

He added that the Marley family will still be celebrating Bob’s birthday and honouring his legacy in private.

Bryan also said that the Ghetto Youth’s International would be redoubling its efforts to make a 2011 staging possible.

“Ghetto Youths International will continue spreading the message of the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley, and we will be definitely putting our heads together to make 2011 the year Smile Jamaica returns from its hiatus.”

Smile Jamaica saw its historic birth in December of 1976, when it was held at the National Heroes Park in Kingston. The event took place a mere two days after gunmen almost ended Bob Marley’s life, and he was recuperating in the Blue Mountains. It was there that Marley magic reigned supreme yet again, as an injured Bob agreed to perform one song for the 80,000-strong throng of patrons. That one song turned into a magical 90 minute performance with Marley and the Wailers.

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askcherlock said...

How sad that Rita Marley is doing this and putting a blemish on the legacy of her husband. It is a telling tale of her character, but not his. His own legacy will live on in spite of these outrageous actions. Money: the root of all evil, right?

RE Ausetkmt said...

she is the craziest woman I've ever seen Cher. I met her about 30 years ago and never once did I like her; at all. she had a very strange air about her and she actually tried to behave as though we should treat her like Bob. Whew.. I am so through with her ass. no one likes her or regards her any respect; mostly due to her own actions since Bob Died.

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Wow! I'm really surprised to hear this. I don't keep up with the culture, but I always thought she was a "for the people" person. And she's actually Cuban??? Thanks for the history lesson!

Jacqueline said...

Yes. This was definitely some disappointing news. I wondered about her and how she was living out her days. You've just put a spotlight on that. Having had a connection to a MAN who was ALL heart, seems she doesn't have much of one. It's quite sad. Long live the Legend.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Patrice, yeah Rita is a mouth fulla rocks. liar, thief and whatelse we don't care to know. her treatment of Bob after his death is deplorable. her mom left Cuba in the first wave. they went to Jamaica as it was a close island with a still developing expat community. it suprised me how many cubans eventually became Jamaican.

I asked my auntee the other day and she reminded me of a church that was all cubans; and a school where they taught in spanish. most of them start out in "Spanish Town" yeah ironic. then she said they fanned out to the more agriarian areas to stake out a plot since lots of them were farmers; as was Rita's Mom. that's why there are so many larger farms owned by spanish lastnames in JA.

rita is certainly no one that I will ever trust, or admire.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Ms. Jacqueline, Rita is a snake without a rock to hide under. she bought herself a post colonial castle. dreadlocked dracula.

Bob never endorsed any of what she is doing, and saying. she is a woman alone. even her kids stay in Jamaica and the US - none in Ghana with her.

that in itself is the biggest clarity from the situation. apparently the kids don't care much for dear old mom either.

must be bob's dna telling them to watch the snake; before it bites you. uh huh.

Bless Up the Memory of Bob Marley For I-Ver and I-Ver.