Friday, January 15, 2010

Say What, Ms Cleo has a helper now ? it's Preacher Pat Lets Call HIM NOOOWWW

It's January Fifteenth Two Thousand Ten and we're still talking about turning to the other cheek; but Dr. King has been gone almost fifty years, and we still don't know why.. Does This Guy Know ?

seeing the remarks made by a certain tevee preacher today, we were reminded that the message of Dr. King is still not being heard. Mr Robertson, why try to twist history that is already known FACT ? everyone knows that Haiti is a first in many ways - but since when did the devil show up in Haiti and start making deals for the soul of Haiti enmasse ? NEVER Preacher.

this is why watching too much fanaticism and uninformed supposition phrased as truth; confuses and stunts the growth of humankind. his words are not suprising but expected; as he has been a thorn in the paw of truth from the moment he started his proseletizing. each of us has the power of destiny within us; if we choose to stand up and phrase it as the word of God - someone will listen, hoping for the truth. that is what makes these remarks so disparaging at a time like this. He actually Blames the earthquake on a prophecy he had. need I say more ? watch him for yourself and then decide if what he is saying is in anyway true or realistic.

In the first video Ms. Nina asks "is my country at fault, is it too late for a talk" ? Oh Please let us stop and think today because there has never been a better time to seek equality for all people; love and good will, not hate. think not of violence but of hope and peace. can we finally answer why was he shot down the other day ? he lived with the threat of death hanging over him. he still lived every day until he was put into the grave, with dignity for all humanity.

Friends today on his birthday can we all remember "The Dream" and forget the hate..

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*smh* at Pat Robertson

Tina T said...

I have to admit, I was very surprised that he made these statements. I wasn't all that surprised that he felt this way, but I thought his people would have warned him that you just can't say stuff like that (and certainly not on television)

RE Ausetkmt said...

girll you are good, cause I'd like to "Shake His Head" and see what the hell is rattlin in there, cause there's no doubt a screw is loose.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Tina you think he has advisors ? like who trent lott; or dawg the bounty hunter.

Rebecca said...

Pat says a lot of goofy things (so do a lot of Hollywood people), but that quote about "separation of church and state" is correct. It is not in the Constitution. It was in a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to some Baptists in 1803, telling them that the government would never interfere with their religious practices. It had nothing to do with religion in politics. That phrase "separation of church and state" didn't even appear in our court system until the 1940s, when some atheists wanted to get rid of the mention of God in public.

That phrase was in the Soviet Russia's constitution, though.

Thought you'd want to know the truth.