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11/19 18:12


Scripted drop penalty



I received an Entrecard penalty tonight  WITHOUT WARNING; that is apparently so new they haven't had time to create any documentation on it, in the tos, or users manual. now that's what I call brand stankin new.

Whooo Hoooooo !!!!!!!!! UPDATE - 15:22PM


your drop credits are back in your accout now.

On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 3:16 PM, wrote:
Feedback received from user 22484 ( ):

what does it mean when you are dropping and you get
24 hr cool off, on a button ?

then none of your drops are counted ?
are we now limited to less than 300 drops per account per day ?
I'll be looking forward to your response email.

It's Amazing what happens when You Guys Comment and Pay Attention to a Situation on Entrecard. We've found out that the biggest way to get their attention; is TO GET YOUR ATTENTION.


They have restored this account to full use and replaced my missing credits. Thanks Guys, because Your Visits and Our Blog made them realize that  

WE ARE FAMILY, and I got all my Bloggers With Me !

For Those of You who enjoy EntrePOD - this is the latest episode, and if you ask nicely I'll email you a special link to the soundtrack - sans the vocals.  post your request to get a link in the comments.

 tonite when dropping, I got a penalty for who knows what reason. not a normal penalty mind you - but something totally new, a Cool Off time peroid flag. yes that's what it looks like above. it's the response you see on a widget after you drop on it, and the penalty is imposed.

I don't want to think that they Invented This Penalty For ME, but it's not in the Entrecard Book - Anywhere, and It's Not Google-able

I was actually dropping on the sites where my ad is displayed. Suddenly the widgets stopped changing, and Wham; it appeared when I reached approximately 145 drops. amazingly it only happened on This One; out of of  my three accounts. that is also part of the mystery. I'm waiting for them to write me back and explain this new penalty and clarify what reason they think I need a time out; not to mention a fine of 585 credits.

makes me wonder if my wrist doc has been talking to them, about my carpel tunnel issues

maybe my dropping 900 cards a day is finally getting their attention. or maybe I've reached that threshold that they set for members who consistently drop high numbers daily. eitherway it came with no explanation. no clarifying email has followed yet, and believe it or not, they even allowed me to drop an additional 300 cards on another account after the penalty was given.

I've checked the entrebook for any info on the penalty and there's none.
I think this is a NEW Penalty, and if you're not careful they may impose it on you.

I received a penalty tonight  WITHOUT WARNING; that is apparently so new they haven't had time to create any documentation on it, in the tos, or users manual. 

Honestly, can you imagine hosting a social network and issuing mystery penalties to members, who do what your network calls for them to do;  Visit Other Members Blogs. yes it's true, Entrecard is "possibly" going to penalize you if you drop more than 140 cards in a day; even though their rules say you may drop up to 300 cards per day; per account.  remember they let me drop 300 cards on Two other accounts, but the one which asked the question was hit with the penalty - amazing.

it seems so much more sinister that they created the penalty, but no explanation. their delayed response also adds a lil flavor to their special punishment.  I guess I'm such a bad dropper they want me to ponder it all.  Apparently this is just another one of those things that makes ya go Hmmmmm,,,

I can almost smell Dick Cheney lurking around. Heheheee,
actually I think it's because I asked a question the other day about a missing ad credit reimbursement which was rejected. the ad never played because the site was removed from entrecard. I wrote them asking them to reimburse me for the non display of the ad - they told me to write to the owner of the site; who by this time was no longer a member of entrecard.  apparently it pissed them off, so you shouldn't do that. - take note,

Entrecard Support
-- --Internal Server Error
sent at 6:14 PM (GMT-08:00). Current time there: 9:21 PM. ✆
Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 6:14 PM
Re: Feedback received from
you can contact them directly and see if they can give you a refund.

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 2:10 PM, <> wrote:
Feedback received from user 22484 ( ):

My Ad is not showing because this site has been down all day. do I get a re-run on the ad tomorrow or a refund for today's Non Run ?

Entrecard Support;
Sent at 7:43 PM (GMT-08:00)

No, we do not issue refunds when the site you advertise on is down. This is because it's beyond our control.

Entrecard Support

Do You Really Think That's Logical ?
you can see for yourself that the ad is not running,
so I am due a refund under the rules in the tos.

plain and simple - see the book.


How Nice and Helpful Was That ?

For Those of You who enjoy EntrePOD - this is the latest episode,

Carders, Do Any of You Know what this 24 hour cool off penalty is all about ?

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Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ said...

Maybe it means "don't ask questions, cause we do what we want and don't need to give an explanation. Go cool off and no more questions from you!"

Tina T said...

I totally don't understand this penalty. I have to admit that I've been dropping a lot less (30-50 a day) What with so many of my favorites leaving, not dropping on splogs and blogs that haven't been updated for months, my EC experience is dwindling. Plus I like to take the time to comment on the blogs I like. My rankings have actually gone up now that I have less EC interaction (guess the drop and runs were hurting me) If I get a penalty from them I think I'll just take it as a sign that it's time to leave.