Monday, November 30, 2009

MM: World Aids Day - Remembering Fela in 2009

This is one of my most favorite Fela tunes.
yes I have his catalog and much of what he performed I got to see live, close up. like right from the side of the stage. we were friends, from the first time we met. our friendship spanned more than fifteen years.

we ran into eachother in many places and always it was the same, hey what are you doing here miss ? he was a charmer. his 30+ wives were very attached to him; as were most women who met and spent anytime with him at all. me included.

when he died of AIDS related complications it broke my heart into small tiny pieces. I was crushed in the most personal way. I had known others who had fallen to the virus; but Fela was someone who meant the world to me. in many ways in my mind, he was imortal. he wore the chains of Ogun and Elegua. he danced and carried the body of his mother back to the army barracks, from where the generals came forth and carried her to the funeral. he was just that powerful. Fela was the voice and consciousness of Nigerias' politically oppressed. he spoke through his music globally, so that we all knew the reality of what was happening at home.

today we are remembering his message of HIV Prevention and Awareness - "Be Safe"; because you never know anothers' history or destiny. he was a very profound man and spoke to the depth of your heart, and soul. his legacy to the world is immense and many of us will forever remain touched by his love and kindness.

Today I am Remembering My Friend FELA; Tomorrow who will remember you ?

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Funky Town Disco 70s said...

Nice Post, Mama, Fela Kuti is the best....

see my posts about his music

nice shoot :)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Funkytown ! I know you know my friend. Fela was the voice we all need to hear in our ears everyday. reminding us to live life to it's fullest, and never to take it for granted. I'll be by to check out your Fela Piece.

Respect My Bredren - Be Safe !

sheilasultani said...

We loose to many awesome people to this disease. It's become so commonplace I don't hear as many warnings as I used to and that scares me (especially since I have two tween boys who are already sneaking my Victoria's Secrets magazines)

RE Ausetkmt said...

yes sheila we need to see more ads for safe sex, since we see sex everywhere. just think how revolutionary it would be if Victoria Secret took one page and added a free ad on Safe Sex and Aids. then I would certainly feel better about spending so much with them. and yes I also shovel my cash over to them too. (wink*wink)

when I'm in Jamaica and England I see ads and psa's for safe sex, yet here in the us they seem far between. that's a shame, when we have such a problem with AIDS Globally.

ONE of THE GUYS said...

Fela was an inspiring musician and man.

Thanks for sharing.