Friday, November 27, 2009

HELL NO FRIDAY - Entrecard has put up to 8 additional cards on your widget

Somehow it seems Entrecard Does Not Want OUR Drops - so with that said, we're going to begin the exit process.  we hope that you understand why we'll be pulling TWO of Our Blogs OUT Of Entrecard Before Christmas.

The Consistent Loss of drops and credits does not add up. neither does the lost time. the problem happens over and over.  randomly during the week we get these penalties and loose the drop day as well.

is this a new power move within the Entrecard Enforcement Strategy when you decide to monitor your paid ads ?

Ahhhhh YES ! Now We Know why this happened - we went into our dashboard and managed the invisible load of ads there were blocking the EC Paid Ads from showing on our widget. Think Back EC Bloggers, Did You Get an Announcement of Any Additional Ads Being Put onto Your Widget, or that you could Preview Them ?

When We Opened the Dashboard to look at the ads, There were 8 paid ads. you are only allowed to block 4 of them.  that means if you are paying for ads with EC's;  you will be paying for very minimal visibility. At most you'll get 1/5 of your ec paid impressions; because they are merged with the CASH ADS, NOW.

go test it for yourself and then you can see that this is not a game, nor is this a hoax. Entrecard has put up to 8 additional cards on your widget without your knowledge or the consideration of those who pay for EC Ads with EC's Instead of Cash.

That's What Made the Decision for Us Today - 9 ads on our widgets when we should have only been splitting the widget with two others

at first we missed it, but when we went back and noticed that we had such a glut of paid ads, blocking the EC Drop Paid Ad; we made the change and blocked out all except the required Four Ads.

In Case You Haven't Noticed, some of the same ads were already preventing your EC Paid ads from being shown on widgets that were queued. to test it we refreshed the page up to 6 times to finally see Our EC Paid Ad, Last.

That Sucks


Check out the chart below copied directly from Entrecard's Book

This Flag Does Not Appear Anywhere, in this list - but it cost us Again,

11/26 22:51


Scripted drop penalty



11/27 0:08

Recycled Frockery

Scripted drop penalty



This is the First of these Penalties - from Two Weeks Ago -

11/19 18:12

A Bad Gal Says

Scripted drop penalty



we have alot of credits to spend on ads; and within the next month we're going to be spending them and advertising even more than before - if we're not removed before we can.

It seems like such a sorry strategy to block your biggest droppers from dropping, because they are technologically faster than you.  simply put, we use a drop list and we have always used the same list.

the entrecard servers hate drop lists because they can't track you when you skip their toolbar.  that means you are a wild card to the system until you reach your dashboard, and reach 300 drops.  the system will ignore your drops in the toolbar, and that pisses the servers and apparently the security server scripts off.

Being a Good Blogger means more than dropping, which is why you find our comments all over the place; our notes on peoples dashboards, and lots of interaction within our circle.  we dont' feel very confident with the rules in the present entrecard rulebook;  since it seems to grow weekly, without notice or need.  sort of like the new penalty flag's.

Maybe it's really time to look at what your time is worth, since apparently Entrecard doesn't think it's worth the time you spend clicking to Advertise.

Next Week we'll be exploring Blogging Circles and Advertising Effectiveness; across our Three Blogs.  some posts will help to clarify the situation, since it seems to become muddier all the time.  Entrecard needs to mature and accept that Rules are Rules.  Basically,  if we have to live by them, then they shouldn't change them daily, to support their point without consideration of their community.

That's Just Too Much like Voodoo Jello to be good for anybody,

Check out the chart below copied directly from Entrecard's Book

This New Penalty Flag Does Not Appear Anywhere, in this list - but it cost us Again,

Message Meaning
Get One, Please login These messages are shown when Entrecard believes that you haven't logged in. Please go to and log in.
Thanks! This message is shown when you have successfully dropped a card.
Go! Go!, Alright!, Wicked!, Yeehah!, Awesome!, *WOW*! These messages are equivalent to Thanks!, they are shown at various numbers of drops per day.
Invalid This message is shown when you have failed a security check, this can happen by accident once in a while, however if this happens to you regularly you should contact support.
300 per day This message is what you get when you hit the 300 drops per day limit
600 per IP This message is what you get when the IP address you are accessing from has dropped 600 cards in a day
Own card! This is what you get when you try and drop on your own card :)
No Widget This message indicates the Entrecard widget scanner does not believe this site has a widget. If you get this error while browsing, please send the URL of the site to phirate via PM.
No such user / Deleted This message indicates the Entrecard account for this widget has been deleted
Cooldown X hrs This message indicates that you have triggered security countermeasures. You will not be allowed to drop a card again until the cooldown period has finished (the counter will continue to update). If you have not done anything that should have gained the attention of the security system, please use the feedback form on your Dashboard and we will arrange a security reset. It is likely that you also received a Scripted Drop Penalty which removed credit from your account, this can be resolved as well.

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WillOaks Studio said...

OMG, I ignored any dropping for nearly 4 days now (no where near a computer) and look what has happened? thanks for the info, I need to look closer myself....

RE Ausetkmt said...

Yes Karen there have been changes made during the absence. most folks are not paying attention to that link; and expect to be able to approve the ads, like before. not this time sweets. they are basically saying screw you bloggers.