Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bang Bang Bang !

Some Videos Take me fast and this one
threw me on the floor, where I'm still laying.

Someone please tell me what is going on Here ?
I do not watch the office and I do not know
these people, or what this is about. it's just
too shiny and over coordinated.

kinda like a John Witherspoon Video.
Do you remember Coordinate ?

Bang Bang Bang !

1 comment:

Angelika said...

I did not know it had gotten so bad in the ATL that they were considering criminalization!

I don't agree with the trend, which is why my son wears a freaking belt when he goes out of the house, but putting people in jail for fashion choices is ridiculous, IMO.

I knew it stemmed from prison where sagging pants indicated "availability", but I would never have equated it with a sexual act.

Good point about the women who show their bras & underwear (and everything else) too! I've never felt comfortable showing that kind of...uh...sassiness, but it disgusts me seeing anyone's underwear.

OH! It's like a PDA. I get it now, LOL.

People kissing open mouthed in public is too much for me to handle, it makes me uncomfortable. So now I can see why people would equate sagging with a sexual act if it makes them uncomfortable like that.

Girl, it's too early in the morning for you to be making me think like that!

I'm out! LOL.