Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey Noxeema You Want to be a "Jail Star" ?

There are days I wish I didn't read the international section of the news. today was one of those days. The Numbers Gang; Check This Lil Tidbit Out,

somehow I just don't get it, in terms of why criminal activity seems to have some mystic allure. there is nothing glamourous about being in jail, or doing something that will probably result in you loosing your freedom.

This story is from South Africa, so you probably missed it. the irony of it is that before the show debuted, they had to lockdown the prison; "because the contestants got a lil too excited". (sideeye) Okay now forgive my ignorance, what would make anybody in jail excited ? you are locked down, away from your stuff and have no basic say-so over anything that happens to you. that's pretty grim. so how could they even feel excited enough to get locked down before they got to give their performances ?

I guess it's just one of those things I'll never know. All I know is that imagining folks like Dick Cheney and Condi Rice; locked down in Chino; Whooo Hoooo ! that makes me kinda giddy. I could see them making Dubya bend over and spread em, before they let him out to the exercise pens. they'd probably find a pretzel up there in the man cave. could you imagine Rumsfeld locked down beside somebody like Wesley Snipes. ooooo that could make for an interesting talent show.

Wesley could do his impression of Noxeema Jackson. I would have to buy the dvd so I could run it back and forth. I'd especially enjoying seeing it when Condi and Da Brat meet-up in the Ladies Room. Whew, that would be totally like finding the weapons of mass destruction. we'd all finally know if Condi was rockin a lacefront or just some clip ins. either way, we put our ducats on Da Brat, since we already know she's got experience whoopin ass.

Check out this madness, and hope that it doesn't make it to the US Market anytime soon. could you imagine Pookey and Manuel nem workin out they steps, Lawd Please, Jesus would really have to take the wheel, cause this Would be a hit.

South African inmates at Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town in 2004. Dressed in identical orange uniforms, inmates at the maximum-security Pollsmoor prison sing and act for the cameras in a new reality series where they vie to be crowned "Jail Star."

S.African inmates compete in 'Prison Pop Idol'

Dressed in identical orange uniforms, inmates at South Africa's maximum-security Pollsmoor prison sing and act for the cameras in a new reality series where they vie to be crowned "Jail Star".

The Cape Town prison, best known for gang violence in one of the world's most violent countries, has launched a TV talent search for offenders as part of its rehabilitation programme.

The show will be broadcast throughout South Africa's prison system on an in-house television channel.
"One of the reasons for the show was to take away the reality that prison was a university of crime. Jail Star gave the prisoners a chance to be themselves and away from their unreal environment," said the founder of Prison Broadcasting Network, Marius Boaden.
"We completed the production. About 35 prisoners were auditioned. The idea comes from reality shows such 'Pop Idol' and 'South Africa's Got Talent'. The prisoners could act or recite a poem," he said.
The judges were two warders and a prisoner.

"The competition was tough. The judges were honest and encouraging but there were some pretty harsh comments. The general concept was to be positive and encourage them even if they were bad," he said.
But the programme's launch was postponed after a stabbing incident that prompted Pollsmoor to impose a general lock-down.

"It seems now things have settled down. We will try again maybe next week and the winner will be announced then. The winner won't be receiving any prize but the recognition," he said.

The broadcast is part of a rehabilitation and skills development programme.

"After they finish their training, they get certificates. We have two cameras, no lights, one mic and one tripod. We work with bare bones but we manage."

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