Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lets Talk About Men and Saggin; Really

One of the most important film events of the year is happening this weekend in Atlanta - it's The International Black Man Film Festival.

Auburn Avenue Library

101 Auburn Ave NE / Atlanta GA 30303

12noon to 9pm / Free / All Are Welcome

usa phone > 404.432.2194

this festival is celebrating it's 8th year with a bang. on saturday if you are in Atlanta, you must make your way to the Auburn Ave. Library and join the crowd. the films and discussions will be first rate. many will bring you face to face with your own sensibilities - like our subject today, Saggin.
saggin 1pm


Directed by Tracy Crews

With Rajheem, C.T. Martin, Richard Pennington, D-Roc, Yemi Toure.

A film about the pant sagging phenom and one of the ways Atlanta is trying to combat it. We hear from those who are outraged, and from those who are outraged that some others are outraged.

Documentary - 25 mins
Saggin in The ATL is all about the Black Male Point of View on the saggin phenomenon. it's filmed and produced by Black Men, in hopes that the rest of us will finally understand the myraid of emotions which surround this issue.

I had a chance to sit down with one of the Producers of the Film and the Head of the Festival - my friend Yemi Toure'.

Knowing Brother Yemi is a great patron of the arts and one of my favorite sociologists; I ask the real questions and Brother Yemi puts it on the table. He lets us pick it up, because we all own a part of it; regardless of what we think, we do. Even I had to stand corrected - and gladly so. this short pod is quite enlightening on the entire situation around Saggin.

Take a moment and listen to 5 minutes on why the future is walking around us everyday; and what we need to do to relate to it, now.

Tomorrow we'll look at another segment of the festival program. complete with another short podcast segment from Brother Yemi - our cultural curator for this weekends International Black Man Film Festival.

(This is a current news item regarding saggin; and not a part of the festival)

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