Monday, November 9, 2009

MM: Keyshia and Frankie Remind Us To Keep it Real

Ahhhh Keyshia, We Remember Baby, We Remember

It's Music Monday and this week we keep it simple
This is one of the most beautiful videos featuring a pretty song.

Keyshia has had alot to deal with in her short life. her adopted parents encouraged her to step out and be who she truly felt she was. it was wonderful to see that episode where Keyshia's adopted mother and her birth mother Frankie sit down and talk about Keyshia calling them both Mom..

they talked it out and things were beautiful. Frankie has her own kinda feel and vibe so when you are watching her, it's hard to see her influence on Keyshia. I suspect that some of the early drama in Keyshias' career may have been the part of her that is Frankie.

Now we ask you if You Remember Frankie from Frankie and Neffe ?

You Go Frankie and Elite! Man Down, it was a Straight Code Ten Situation.
(we're still not sure exactly what that means, but it sound good when she says it so we threw it in for a lil Frankiespice) Keyshia gets her spark and fire from her mom Frankie, and we can see that in this video.

We'd also like to send a big shout out to Judge Greg Mathis, of the D.
He's Always Keeps It Real and he makes sure that Frankie knows it too.

Yes Keyshia, it's a beautiful thing to Remember Babygirl,

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Sharp, clean, poweful vocals. Very impressed!

One Creative Queen said...

Hey sweet friend - I'm sorry my life has become (it's normal) full of upheaval. I've been thinking of you and checking in on you. :)

You are one of my greatest inspirations online - and I thought you should know. Which is why I've given you an award...

I don't know why people make the awards so dang complicated. They are supposed to be given to people you like...but aren't you really saying, "Hey - I like you. Now do a whole bunch of work!"??

Oh well. It's there if you'd like to pick it up. I hope all is well - and I hope we talk soon. xx

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Speedcat - yes she is a great singer. I think if she had training she could sing opera. Keyshia has alot mor to give us.

thanks for your comment

RE Ausetkmt said...

@One Creative Queen - Hey Girly. how you doin ? Thanks for the Award, thats' so sweet of you.

things are work, work, work and drop. appreciate the shout and certainly the award. it's nice to be thought of kindly. I'll pop by later and pick up my goodies.

thanks again

jacqueline said...

I remember when I first heard her voice...not knowing her at all...I could hear how the pain of her past sharpened her vocals. This may not make sense, but after I saw more about her family background...I put the puzzle together. Great talent who still hasn't reached her full potential. I'm with you, she has much more to share.