Monday, November 16, 2009

MM: Oh Snap they're sending Death Texxxxxtssss

Do You Know this song ?

this is our Music Monday Submission in combo with
this weeks' PSA - Stop Driving Distracted.

no doubt you've tried to play it on your cellphone.
Hey What's Up Funkytown Blog!

this type of obsession leads one to believe
that they can do anything with their cellular
instruments. just take a look at this motley bunch.
they should have known better, but yet and still we
see this happening everyday all around us.

Please think of those around you who are Not Disco Fans;
No Texting While Driving Please, It Could Be Dangerous
to our health.

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Funky Town said...

Your post is beautiful, heartfelt thanks for what you did (I do not forget about what you did) I wish you a funky good week, you will always be welcome in Funky Town. Thanks again

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey FunkyTown !!!! we all should come by Funkytown, so we can boogie and party down. thanks for your comment Funkytown.