Monday, November 2, 2009

MM: Lets Be Like Kandi And All Fly Above

It's Move It Monday - since we never seem
to get back to fitness friday, we're gonna
work it out, first thing each week. music monday
and move it monday work fine for us.

Push back your chair and lets
Fly High with Kandi

I have to admit, I love this song.
it's the spirit and the lyrics that make me love it.
Kandi, as we all know is an accomplished songwriter,
producer and performer. her career is just blossoming.
when she joined the real housewives of atlanta last
season, things really seemed to pop for Kandi.

recently we watched as Kandi dealt with the
murder of her former fiance, A.J. Jewell.
kandi's twitter page after aj's murder

Kandi handled it with grace and spirit.
- That's Our Kandi. Our Girl has so much style
and all the right stuff. we watched the RHOA Season
wrap up last weekend, and Kandi was As Good as Gold.
This season I'm sure we'll see more of Kandi's success
as a songstress when she gets her Diamond Hit; and
hopefully there will finally be that special someone willing
to give Kandi the Love and Companionship She So Deserves.

This is her first single, from her upcoming cd.
we're joining Kandi today and Flying Above,

This Music Monday, Won't You Join Us and Fly Above

- Kandi Lyrics


RE Ausetkmt said...

today we start our intense debate trial - leave us a comment so we can see how it do what it dooooo !!

Daisy said...

I thought Kandi was a touch of true class on the Real Housewives show.


Poor Kandi, it does seem that she is keeping herself busy. I definitely wish her and her family the best.

RE Ausetkmt said...

hey daisy what are you doin watching adult drama ? I agree that she is the touch of class they needed.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@SolomonSydelle she is so talented; i'm sure she'll have her diamond cd in the lobby at capital records in no time. AJ was a passing smile for her, but like momma Joyce, we're praying for a Real Husband for our favorite Atl. Peach.

jacqueline said...

Enjoyed the melody and the lyrics are great. She seems as if she'd be a great friend to have.