Saturday, November 7, 2009

Have Mercy - Beyaki Booty Moves by the Numbers; what will they youtube next

Single LadiesImage by Felipe Beiza via Flickr

Have Mercy - Beyaki Booty Moves by the Numbers,
what will they youtube next.

now everybody knows there is no bootyshakin goin on if it's
not Beyaki sanctioned. this is J-Setting. some of you know it;
and many of you are like me, and don't care (side eye) because you
will not be engaging in it regardless of if or not it has beyaki or any
other bootyshaker.

clearly this girl can show in six easy steps; you how to shake it like Beyaki.
so did she have classes in Beyaki'n ? or did she just come up
with her own style and bust off from Bey ? hmmm,, I know Bey betta
keep her eyes on this chica, cause she got me over here thinking
I'm still a single lady,,

I think these chica's are also thinking the same thing,

Now this is A Different Version of the Same Dance,
so you think Bey would approve ?

hey anybody wanna put a ring on it ?
(be sure you don't tell my husband)

I Got My Hands Up - How Bout You ?

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RE Ausetkmt said...

aahh ohh ohh ohhhh ohh ohhh ohhhh ohhh ohho ohhh ohohohohoh ooooohhhhhh,, ad repeat.
you have now officially become a beyaki background singer; don't forget to point your finger in the air to get them to put a ring on it; You Are Fierce so Work It Girlll!

Daisy said...

My Mommeh could practice those moves every day for a year and she still would not be able to do it!