Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Katt You Hold Up, Wait A Minute; Let ME Put Some Pimpin In-it

Ever Wondered what's going on with Katt Williams ?

This is Monday November 9, 2009

Comedian Katt Williams has been jailed in Georgia on charges of burglary and criminal trespassing. A deputy at the jail in Coweta County, southwest of Atlanta, confirmed Williams was being held there and that a magistrate was expected to set bond at an arraignment Monday afternoon. The deputy did not have access to a police report to provide more details. Williams’ real name is Micah Williams.

This is Tuesday November 10, 2009

listen to this call from a 17 year old man who claims Katt
is holding him hostage in a house somewhere in the (504)
which is southern Louisiana - probably near New Orleans.

Katt has said that the only thing that was wrong with the
story was that he was in a House He Was Leasing; Whooo-Haaaa !!!
Co'mon Katt, if you're holdin the man cause you want to keep
him there while you are doing whatever you are doing; and he
wants to go, you are guilty of holding the man hostage.
what's so hard to understand about that ?

We Recall his problems in 2008

Ooooooo,,,The Headlines say CrazyKatt is at it again

we remember when he came to the D
and got bishslapped by a man in a pair of $5g cowboy boots.

yeah, we also remember when he went to the mental hospital
for a court ordered evaluation; after suspect behaviour
in new york and finally Sumpter, South Carolina last year.

he had to know they weren't gonna play that crazy
actin mess in the SC. they just don't roll like that.
this is speaking from personal knowlege of folks from the SC.

We're Praying that Someone who Loves Him or that someone
in his family who cares; will step in and finally help
to get Katt Back On Track. he is such a comic genius.

who can ever forget Money Mike ?

"Don't Be Sorry Hoe, Be Careful"

we must be honest, these words made us want to
slap the perm off his lil peewee head.
it's just his style of delivery that makes him so memorable.

"Hold Up, Wait A Minute; Let Me Put Some Pimpin In-it"

Check out some Recent Katt - his newest project released 10/13/09

Katt We're Hoping You can Pull it Together Pimpin,

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