Sunday, November 29, 2009

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO Entrebot - Any Body There ?

FYI - Entrecard Visitors this is for those who are wondering why we are not returning drops for the past few days. the servers are wacking us whenever we get near a widget, regardless. it's just become a deathjoke, so we thought you deserved answers today. apparently Entrecard doesn't think we deserve any answers, to the notes we've written to them from our dashboard.  we are somehow in the EntreDEADZONE. If we should get an answer from them finally, we'll be sure to post it for everyones' perusal and opinionating.



Dear Entrecard
obviously something is STILL Wrong with your servers.
I clicked on a widget once - it comes back, 1 Per Day.

Why is this suddenly becoming a non proposition ?
today I get to make three drops before the servers start crap with my account ?
I think you guys need to look into this and post some explanation for the rest of us who are consistently being fed the penalties for doing nothing. not even dropping.

maybe you really should blog about the behind the scenes issues so we really understand what is happening, since there is obviously a big problem. and yes this will be on the front of my blog - just so everyone else knows I am asking - but still getting no response, even though you say you will respond within 24 hours.

I'm at the 72 hour mark still waiting on any response,


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