Friday, December 4, 2009

FF: Hey Tiger, You Got Pre-NUP ?

"Can You Please Take Your Name Off Your Phone - My Wife went through my phone and She May Be Calling You.."

Since last weekend, legendary uberclean golf champ Tiger Woods has been the laughing stock of the cheaters club. he got stonecold busted by his wife Mrs Woods; who let him know flattoutttttt,
"Me come in here with somethin, And me nah leavin here with nothin, "

Damn Mrs Tiger Woods, do you have a lil Jamaican in ya yeans ?
Prostyle 9 Ironed the Man's Head; Him Escalade; and Now Him Pride. all we wan know is how she do it ?
For All of You who are unfamiliar with this product, it's called Pussy Whipped. his pussy whipped his ass for acting like an asshole.

Unnu see, we believe she has kept her seperate corner since last year when the rumors started flying around about Hoe One. Now we have Hoe~Hoe~Hooooooes. Awww Hell Naww Tiger; you gotta do betta than that playa ? we thought you had yo green jacket and were already in the Players Club. it's starting to look like Mrs. Woods put a stop to that membership. Kitties Beware, The Tiger is on a short leash right now.  Apparently he is praying his woman doesn't speak legalize and start hollin "Deee-Door is Open Fo Yo Ass"; cause we all know his business is out there like Jerry Springer.
Whooo HA !

 Personally speaking we wonder how someone who is supposed to be a role model can conduct himself in this manner and expect any type of respect afterward ? he had to know that his words were like gold. especially for the Golddiggers. Whoops ! 
Today is Fitness Friday and we want y'all to wine wit Tiger, cause we just wanna know like Kanye  -  Tiger, "You Got Pre-NUP baby ?"

yes that how Kanye asks the question in Golddigger - He Screams "We Want Pre-Nup, We Want Pre-Nup;" uhhhhhhhruhhhh, Tiger what say you baby ?

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