Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today we touch on SPLOGS..Un Huh WE Go There

Today we touch on SPLOGS..Un Huh WE Go There
this post is all about defining the term Blog v. Splog

Many of us don't use the words Splog, or Splogger when we should and today we are aiming to define and clarify that fine line between a Blog and a Splog
first lets give the definition of a SPLOG :

What is Splog

"Splog" is short for Spam Blog. Spam blogs are blogs that don't provide any real content for users. They exist solely to game the search engines. These splogs may exist just to have links to other websites or, they may have ads on the blog itself. The content on splogs are auto-generated, either from some other source or a list of useless keywords.

The simplest definition for splog is as follows:


Splog is a terrorist to our blogosphere and needs to be stopped. This site was created for “good willed” bloggers to report splog in an effort to help to clean up the blogosphere of . It was spurred by the called to arms of Mark Cuban here and then followed up by a post on Somewhat Frank.

Check out these recent article mentions:

Red Herring - 12/27/05
Spam Plagues Blogs - 11/07/05
Blog Wars: Attack Of The Splogs

The Toronto Star - 11/06/05
Advanced ads, or attack of the splog people

Wired News - 10/27/05
How to Fight Those Surging Splogs

Wall Street Journal - 10/19/05
‘Splogs’ Roil Web, and Some Blame Google

eWeek - 8/17/05
Blog Search Engine Threatens Ban of Blogger Blogs

(- end of clipping -)

Okay now we know that Entrecard is a Chief Splog Unit.

Why ?

that's what we are trying to get to the bottom of this week. Why do these UnBlogs seem to clutter the Blogosphere ?

In the case of Entrecard - it's for the Points and Cashout system.

this is the worst way to destroy a blog - add cheap cash or loads of unrelated ads. there are so many ads on some of these Splogs that their pages take forever to load, and when they do, it's hard to even locate the Entrecard Widget on the page; tossed in with all the various and assorted cash generators.

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What is Splog

"Splog" is short for Spam Blog. Spam blogs are blogs that don't provide any real content for users. They exist solely to game the search engines. These splogs may exist just to have links to other websites or, they may have ads on the blog itself. The content on splogs are auto-generated, either from some other source or a list of useless keywords.

What is Wrong with Splogs?

Splog clutters the internet with useless content. Web search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, and blog search engines such as Technorati, IceRocket and Bloglines serve to manage the huge amount of information available on the Web. Splog makes it much more difficult to find the useful information.

Take Action Now!

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When reading Blogs are you bothered by all the miscellaneous clutter ?

Oh I am - and I am going to give a few examples of blogs that have this very issue - so that we can see from live examples what Is a Splog -

these are randomly chosen droppers from my Entrecard Inbox from today, that are SPLOGS;

I suggest You take a look at them and decide for yourself, as I am not going to link to them and give them any additional fuel to burn out a real blog. the problem is these folks are doing this because they don't care about the value of real blogs. they are just using any vehicle to get a few pennies out of real bloggers by dropping cards enmasse on Blogs to fill their accounts with cash out credit. the articles, if you call them that are all about One Link to a Paid Article Generator - Am I Wrong ?

We can't say that entrecard is wrong for trying to monitize. it just seems that the monitization rules, have increased the spam load on entrecard at least 5 fold; in the most recent months. before the cashout policy was announced - there were splogs, but not the amount we see now.

When these sploggers gather enmasse to attack a blog - they normally use one viewpoint and post remarkably similar comments; indicating that there is a Herd Mentality in Play.

wouldn't it be better to go to other splogs instead of blogs, for these folks ? I surely think so, since most of them in the case of entrecard spend less than three 3 seconds on your page- Wham Bam and no thank you mamm.. and sadly they admit that's their only plan.

Spam blogs, sometimes referred to by the neologism splogs[1], are artificially created weblog sites which the author uses to promote affiliated websites or to increase the search engine rankings of associated sites. The purpose of a splog can be to increase the PageRank or backlink portfolio of affiliate websites, to artificially inflate paid ad impressions from visitors, and/or use the blog as a link outlet to get new sites indexed. Spam blogs are usually a type of scraper site, where content is often either inauthentic text or merely stolen (see blog scraping) from other websites. These blogs usually contain a high number of links to sites associated with the splog creator which are often disreputable or otherwise useless websites.
There is frequent confusion between the terms "splog" and "spam in blogs". Splogs are blogs where the articles are fake, and are only created for search engine spamming. To spam in blogs, conversely, is to include random comments on the blogs of innocent bystanders, in which spammers take advantage of a site's ability to allow visitors to post comments that may include links. In fact, one of the earliest uses of the term "splog" referred to the latter. [2]
This is used often in conjunction with other spamming techniques, including spings.

In the blogging world, Reading Is a Must and Commenter's are Winners

these sploggers don't bother to read anything, that requires any length of attention or thought to process. this is evidenced by their quick hit and run attitude coupled with their excuse for attitude responses :

" me for example : I have four(4) blogs so I need to hurry up to four drops in one of your blog, so.. the ending should be comment time but sometimes your topic is not my interests , sorry.. but that is what i feel , so.. in consideration that you drop EC I'll dropped you back and thats all..but.....if you left me comments I'll comments you english is not good but I understand very well and I'm trying to be good."
yes this is an actual comment left on one of our blogs. Can you Imagine ?

such curt rudeness, and lack of simple consideration for the blog and the time the blogger spent to compose their thoughts.

then there is this similar comment - also actually left on one of our blogs:
I question to you? do you always Leave a comment on all the Blogs you visit? Lets say 100-300 blogs. I find something time is limited and it is hard to do this. However I have visitors who have never left any msg, but I know they read or leave my EC to buy ads. I know it is hard to feel rejected but some of us are not rejecting just reading and moving on.:-)

Co'mon, You Come Here for One EC and don't have time to read ? what kind of nonsense is this ? you come to a blog but not to read or comment ? ooiiiiii,,,, damn. (sorry I had to get it out)

one of our Real Readers left this very smart comment in the same post, so we realize that the content was very commentable:
Tis I once again....after reading everyone's comment...I think it is safe to say that we all have our priority list and we all have that matter which order they are placed.

We have all sorts of Bloggers with different reasons for blogging.

Some of us feel that leaving a comment is in fact very important and a show of respect.
Some feel that just dropping in is also important and a show of respect.
Some blog strictly for the $$$$bling.
Some blog for return hits.
Some blog to learn.
Some blog to share.
Some blog to copy and paste :)(naughty)
Some blog to meet new people from all over the world.
Some blog out of boredom.
Some blog to feel good that they have done their 300 ec drops.
Some blog to see how many followers they can get.
Some blog for the fun of the contests.
Some even blog just to get someone to say hello in their shoutbox.

I have seen also groups that basically just visit one another and keep a circle of friends going on.
All of these reasons are acceptable as they should be because everyone has a right to blog.

We also have a right to voice our opinions on who comes into our blogs..similar to who walks into our homes.

This commenter put it on the plate, and made it as clear as water.
I think we have seen the parallels clearly enough to know the difference between a Blog and a Splog.

This is a BLOG, Not a Splog. there are no teats here to milk; and this blog will not instantly begin to follow anyone who leads it towardpopup coated; ad and virus laden pages, filled with graphic overload, akin to a bad disco nightmare - masquerading as a blog, but no real content.

Content is KING and We are the readers who decide if that's a fact or just a hack. for us, it's a fact. we don't dilly dally with these splogs anymore and when they litter our cbox on our other site, we erase their comments and make sure to ban them. it rarely helps as they find it to be a game to come back and again spam in a foreign language. WHY ?

that is the biggest question of all, Why do they do it ?

My Theory is simplistic - they are unable to comprehend their level of disrespect and or curtail their actions due to their addiction to of all things the US Penny. yeah, penny because each drop is equal to less than a penny; because of their proliferation of splogs.

Have they even considered their part in the desecration of the blogosphere or the ec economy ?

Sadly I lament, the answer is apparently NO.

they are Hit and Run Accidents happening simultaneously all over the blogosphere. truly it's sad.

what can you do to prevent them from treating you like a Goat ?

well there are those who think that leaving Entrecard is the answer. maybe it is in some extreme cases; but we think the real answer is to Read Good Blogs, Comment and Fill your Friends Queue with Real Blogs and Forget That Inbox - because that's the green pasture of these sploggers.

So Today we call on all good entrecarders to Skip That Inbox; and Forget about the Sploggers.

Form Real Reading and Commenting Relationships with BLOGGERS. let the sploggers choke themselves on pennies; and eventually they will have a cheap gas attack. then hopefully those pennies will shower back into the global economy, instead of more cheap splogs.

*note to sploggers - forget commenting and making stupid remarks as I am going to monitor this post for such, and will just delete them since they will undoubtable be worthless space wasters. if you have a constructive discussion item then add it - otherwise, copy the post and share it in your circle so you know who's aware of your hive, and isn't phased by you at all.

- Death to Splogs -



Mr. New Dilemma said...

Hi! Me again. I hate splogs. I mean hate them, they are the #1 biggest waste of my time. BTW, I love the annimal theme in this post, goats,lol!

AoE said...

I've often thought that blogs with tons of ads look stupid and cluttered - and it detracts from any meaningful content that the blog may provide. One can easily spot the priority of the "blogger" by the number of ads (money vs. content). Generally it seems, the more ads, the worse the content. For me, I'd rather have someone read my posts then click on an ad; thus, I've made only $10 from ads in 1.5 years of blogging (which is fine by me). I may be easily swayed to only drop on only blogs vs. splogs. Thanks for the food for thought.

AdviceMaven said...

This is the first time I have even heard of a splog. Not that I don't see them all the time, I just didn't know that there was a name for them.

I still feel that a better screening system by EC would eliminate these splogs or perhaps a way to ban certain "blogs" from dropping in you EC box. It's ridiculous for them to drop every day from multiple blogs (now I'm taking a closer look at my bounce rate it's kind of disheartening.) I'm following your advice about ignoring the inbox, and I am back to enjoying being an EC member.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Mr New Dilemma - awwww thanks.
I love Goats, they are such communal animals and so cool to just look at. but they do get milked; so i thought, hmmm this is exactly what's happening with these sploggers.

so henceforth splogs will be a "no-go" in this herd. LOL.

everybody hates splogs, but most of us hadn't thought enough about how to categorize them in our minds; in order to more appropriately deal with them, as refuse. in essence they are the refuse of the blogging world.

and we know the rumors about goats eating anything. LOL

Thanks for your comment Sweets

RE Ausetkmt said...

@AOE - Tad and Dixie, do you think that they understand that we see them as flotsom ? maybe after breaking it down this way - they will see that there is a school of thought that doesn't validate their interloper motives.

if I hit the lottery this week, I plan to buy the term splog from mark cuban and force each of them to put in on their personal snuggy and wear it forever. that'll teach em. LOL

Thanks for the comment you crazy kids,

btw who is watching crystal now that david is on the hunt for his mystery baby.. because we know jake will never let him get his hands on it. Liza however,, that's another evil storyline. do you think miranda is going to kill david if he discovers the babys' whereabouts ? draaaaahhh-maaaaaaaaahhh !!!

for those who don't know what this is about - it's the most recent storyline from All My Chilluns; an abc soap.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Advice Maven - isn't it refreshing to drop and read instead of looking at it as a daily chore that you need to hurry through ?

I must admit that today I haven't done many drops yet, but I plan to get around to it; after reply commenting.

just so you know, graham has no interest in doing anything to clean up entrecard; as he wants to grow the membership roster of blogs to make it look better than it really is. only the insiders really know the story on how many of these blogs are really SPLOGS. Ha ! not the sign of a good business model for longterm success.

Thanks For Your Comment, as always

Jacqueline said...

Yes. I'm a SPLOG Hater. I hate seeing all of those widgets in my box. It sometimes feels like I'm stepping over poo to get to the real blogs. Nothing is worse than being lured in by a seemingly well written article to find that somewhere in the middle it was just a sales tool all along. I always leave immediately, without dropping.

In my experience, SPLOGS discourage dropping.

Michelle said...

Although I didn't know they were splogs, I've definitely seen them. It's a shame there seem to be more splog than blog start ups!
Maria Michelle

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Ah, thank you! They drive me insane!