Friday, June 12, 2009

Tyra and Beyonce - I blame you for this

Tell Me, when you see videos like this, who do you think of ?
well for me it's a two part blame game. first off Tyra Banks for her promotion of the "Sashy Fierce" be whatthefuckyouwanttobe attitude; and then Ms Sasha Fierce Herself, Beyonce.

if only you girls HAD Spent a Few Minutes Thinking This Through, before you started this; MAYBE you would have seen where it would end up... MEN WHO LOOK LIKE AND SOMETIMES BETTER THAN WOMEN;  PRETENDING TO BE WOMEN FOR WOMEN; WHO LIKE MEN.

I Wanna Work for Diddy.. Damn what won't he pimp..
Even trannys aren't safe from this madness. why people why ?
there is no way you can deny that this "IS A MAN PRETENDING TO BE A WOMAN"

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