Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chain, Chain, Chain - Lets Break These Damn Chains Quick

Rick Ross in Detroit about to loose his chain

Uh huhhhh.. we done tol y'all dont' be rollin up in the D thinking yo shidd won't be fair game for the snatch and grabbers. Offica Ricky was performing at the Summer Jam Concert in the D, and the crowd reached out and touched;

Apparently that long ass rope of "dime-onds" (probably as fake as those lv shades he was outted for), was not as securely affixed to his big ass as he thought. as you can see, some lil chica's made the grab. not even one of the local goon squads; Some Girls.. that had to make lil bugsy's day..

He was lucky enough to be able to grab it back before it disappeared into the cold cold d.. one lucky grab and his shit woulda been on the easside..

Oh Yeah. ask that lil sexythang from chicago, who still wishin for his cartoon character back; from somewhere deep in a gully in the D.

YOUNG BERG GETS CHAIN SNATCHED Within ONE HOUR of Arriving In The D - 2008; oh yeah it's chilly in the D. This happened One Hour before his cancelled performance at 2008 SummerJam. this is the same event where Offica Ricky met his awakening.

Also, we did notice that He Does Not Have on His Glasses. he previously said that he loves his signature "confirmed fake" shades so much that he "even has sex in them". well I guess he dont' get his chain snatched in em. it's amazing the things that happen to starz in the D.. Uh Huhh

Well this lil nawlins one trick pony, NEVER I repeat EVER rolls into the D; WITHOUT a Full Security Patrol; including POLICE, Private Former Mosad Armed Body Guards; and he is OFF and ON The Bus INSIDE The Venue - or he doesn't perform.

He takes NO Chances In The D; since the Trick Daddy/Trick Trick incident a few years ago. he has nothing but Frienemies here, and he knows it.

he used to think he could roll up through here in a hummer till he found out that the cripple and bloody are still merckin up in the Gullies of the D.

he knows better than to come up in the D thinking he can Pop His Collar. Uhhh Yeah Pimp, we gotcha clearasil.. in a lil small tube incase you get fidigity.

So is Nivea pro-creating with the Troll ?

lets pray that it's only a rumor. she's just too cute to step back in the dna chain with her first baby.. and to think he's touching her without a protective covering. OHN ! somebody call the CDC Quick.

SMDH at TPain Again.. Why, Just Why Damn it ? The chain is 10lbs, 197 karats and cost him a cool $410.000.

for this ? he needs his ass beat with a vocoder.

Tonite T-Pain recruited snowgame for his trick, with Taylor Swift. this was hillarious and well may be his crossover key to c&w. hopefully he'll leave the BigAssChain and just use the Vocoder. yeah right..

Most of this mess is from NecoleBitchie.com

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