Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jimi Hendrix - right before his death in 1970

"I had to do it. Jimi was worth much more to me dead than alive," Jeffrey is quoted as telling Wright. "That son of a b*tch was going to leave me. If I lost him, I'd lose everything."

- Michael Jeffrey; Jimi's Former Manager. Who should be remembered clearly as "The Fuck Who Murdered Rock and Roll legend the great Jimi Hendrix".

Somehow reading this news from so long ago, gives me Deja Vu. it's just like the rumors from all those decades ago - who killed Jimi..

well now it appears we have an answer

Jimi Hendrix on the Dick Cavett Show

this Jeffrey clown should've had his mouth stuffed with a combo of Oxycontin, Vicodin and Laxatives; afterwhich he should've have a Fentanyl Patch applied to his neck near his spine - so he felt it slowly choking him to death.

By His Own Admission, It was his self prescribed cocktail; that cost us one of the greatest musicians in history -Jimi Hendrix.

This is Jimi Hendrix playing a jam/Hear My Train A Comin' in Royale Albert Hall 1969. He is a True Bluesmaster, and made us all recognize that Rock and Roll is nothing but the baby of the Blues. it includes a short shot of Jimi Hendrix as he gets upset with Mitch Mitchell - the drummer; for coming in too early.

Make Sure to Check this Video out ^

If You Love Music, this is 10 mins of PURE JIMI HEXDRIX BLISS
Jimi Burning His Guitar
I don't know where you were when you heard it, but I remember where I was and what I was doing. I was in my first semester of high school; and someone said "Hey Jimi Hendrix OD'd"..

WHADDDDDD ???? NO Fricken Way...but yes it was true.

when I got home from school and looked at the news that evening, it was the headline story. Along with the rest of the world, I was overwhelmed and boo hoo'd for days.

1970 Jimi Hendrix: "Machine Gun"
This is right before he was murdered - in London, in 1970; he is in fine form and this is a rare early video of him playing live

it was just like when Koko Taylor died last week. I'm still feelin that pain deep in my heart. it's hard to loose a legend; but to murder.. OHFN. This clown needed to stop by my house on the way to his rewards. I promise you his remains wouldn't have been enuff to pick up and void.

Listen to Jimi talking about his music in October 1968

Read This Sad Piece of Shit Story for the Worlds' Greatest Guitarist:


( from
Musician's former roadie says manager confessed to giving him overdose of pills on purpose.
(June 2, 2009)

*A new book written by a roadie for Jimi Hendrix claims the late rock icon was actually murdered by his manager, Michael Jeffrey, who told the author he plied Hendrix with pills and alcohol in order to kill him and collect on the guitarist's life insurance.

In his book "Rock Roadie," James "Tappy" Wright claims that Jeffrey made the confession to him in 1971, two years before he was killed in a plane crash.

"I can still hear that conversation, see the man I'd known for so much of my life, his face pale, hand clutching at his glass in sudden rage," writes Wright in the book, according to Yahoo News.

Hendrix died in September 1970. His body was found in a room at London's Samarkand Hotel booked by Monika Dannemann, whom Hendrix had known for a matter of days. At the time of Hendrix's death, a coroner recorded an open verdict, stating that the cause was "barbiturate intoxication and inhalation of vomit."

Jeffrey is quoted by Wright as telling him: "I was in London the night of Jimi's death and together with some old friends.. we went 'round to Monika's hotel room, got a handful of pills and stuffed them into his mouth...then poured a few bottles of red wine deep into his windpipe."

The manager was allegedly worried that Hendrix was about to fire him. He had recently taken out a life insurance policy worth $2 million, with Jeffrey as beneficiary, reported Britain's Mail On Sunday.

"I had to do it. Jimi was worth much more to me dead than alive," Jeffrey is quoted as telling Wright. "That son of a b*tch was going to leave me. If I lost him, I'd lose everything."


Babsy said...

Why is it that the good always seem to die too early; and rat bastards live forever. atleast now we finally know for sure that he was murdered.

askcherlock said...

I absolutely adored Hendrix. The good always go too soon. To think he was murdered, especially at a time in history when so many greats were murdered, just adds to the appalling sadness of that era. The loss of the great Jimi Hendrix was a loss for us all. May justice be served....

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cherlock you and I both adored him. he was so ahead of his time and to think that murdering stars was the thing then. such a tragedy indeed. and to think this clown collected 2 milli on the murder afterward. What a Travesty

Thanks for your comment Cherlock

RE Ausetkmt said...

Babsy do you think that the murderer will rest in peace ? we don't.

Thanks for your comment Beach Beauty. we know who run things inna Beach

Mr. New Dilemma said...

F*** him. Jimi has been one of the greatest influences in my own guitar work. I don't even know what to say.

Adam Horovitz said...

I am posting the comments below on behalf of James 'Tappy' Wright, author of Rock Roadie. For comfirmation, please check with Borkowski PR.

"I knew what Mike Jeffrey had done and I kept quiet for all this time because I was terrified. It wasn’t just me and him involved – the Mafia were part of this and Mike owed them money. He was paying out $30,000 a month to pay back the money he’d borrowed – I know this because I drove Bob Levine out to New Jersey to borrow it for him. I was one of his closest employees. If I hadn’t kept quiet, you’d have been reading about me in the obituaries. All this happened in 1973, not 1971 as has been reported, just months before Mike died in a plane crash.

"This is not a publicity stunt – I waited to tell the truth because I was scared and there were people still alive who were involved. Some of them could still be alive today. I started to write the book ten years ago because Rod Weinberg told me I had a moral obligation to get the truth out there – he was right, but it would have been suicide not to wait. After talking to Rod I realised that it was my duty to set the record straight. That’s why I started writing the book ten years ago.

"Mike Jeffrey had Jimi killed because he needed the money. Jimi’s girlfriend Devon tried to take him away from Mike and she died – I believe she was thrown off the roof of the Chelsea Hotel. I don’t think she just fell. If I’d said anything before now, that could have been me.

"This is not about some broke roadie cashing in on a story. I’m comfortably off. It’s about a moral obligation. Of course I’d like the book to sell, but it’s not about the money. It’s about getting the truth out there. I was Mike Jeffrey’s longest serving employee, right from before The Animals were even called that – there’s no story about Hendrix without the Animals. What happened to Jimi Hendrix is not the only story in the book, but it was important to tell it.

"I remember all these things happening. I started writing the books ten years ago and I have thought long and hard about getting every memory down. I never took drugs during the 60s – except once, when Eric Burdon spiked me with acid. Girls, yes I slept with a lot of girls. But I never deliberately took drugs. So my memory is damned good and what gaps there were I filled in by talking to all the people who were involved and thinking back on what happened. You look at all the Hendrix books that have come out in the last 40 years and it’s all the same regurgitated s**t. I knew the right people to ask and with their help I have remembered most of it.

"I’ve also been asked to think about the past a lot since those days. The papers in the North East come to me regularly for anecdotes when people like Elvis and Ike Turner die – all the people I met and worked with. I have kept the memories alive over the years.

"Noel Redding said publicly that “Jimi’s death was very kind to Mike Jeffrey” – and he certainly came into a lot of money after Jimi’s death. He paid off his back taxes, his debts, gave Al Hendrix $250,000 for Jimi’s share of the Electric Lady studios in New York, bought himself a house in Woodstock, invested a fortune in clubs in Majorca. Where did this come from?"