Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Time for the SUSS - Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption AGAIN

Have you ever noticed that Politics Stinks; and sometime it's Rotten from the inside. We resumed Political Suss this week with Gusto.

"Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption" - to quote the great rasta singer and philosopher Isiah Mentor.

This episode we find ourselves refreshing from a few stories we did when we left off last season.

  • Is Ninja Man a True Ninja ? - This is for Next Weeks Podcast, because we are shocked at his arrest and detention for not being a Ninja..WOW !

Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption"Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption", AGAIN

Duration : 33 Minutes / 64k Digital Media

Produced : 05/29/09 by RE Ausetkmt/Lady D for ASID Hi-Power SoundStudios. UK/JM/US & Powerhouse WLMJ

Copyright : all rights reserved to original copyright owners; RE Ausetkmt for; ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem and Studios UK/JM/US


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