Saturday, June 20, 2009

Enough Is Enough - Either Comment or Don't Drop

Some of you may recognize this letter as one I've sent and posted before - if you see yourself in this role - then put your name in that space.

BTW, This note was inspired by My Fellow Entrecard Blogger Bob Gold, who is also tired of his pr and bounce rates being faked out by NON READERS;

Hello Rolling Dropper: - who has 6 exact copies of the same blog - and drops 6 cards a day on each of my blogs; but never spends more than 10 seconds on my blog; according to what my stats show me from their visits.

I am hoping when you read this you will keep an open mind. I have received your drops for a few weeks now and to be honest, never one comment.

there is nothing on your 6 blogs that to be honest I can comment on except that your pics are all the same on all your sites; and you seem to be catering to the pinay crowd.

1. I am not Pinay; but I like Pinays.
2. I am not interested in Family Parties; I am a Political Blogger.
3. I am not interested in people who care nothing about my blog and only want to get One EC from my Time. never bothering to even read a story and or leave a single comment, on anything.

I have three blogs in Entrecard, and you've never left a single comment on any of them, but you keep making my bounce rate higher. NOT NICE.

please don't misunderstand, I think blogging is great but I want READERS; I do NOT WANT droppers, Who Leave me with a high bounce rate.

So Rolling Dropper, it would be so nice if you would pick one of your blogs to drop on me ONLY. Because your drops make the bounce rate rise, and never a comment makes it even harder to swallow.

so, from now on when I see your card in my inbox, I will only return ONE DROP A DAY. Please consider my words and think about what you are doing to the bouncerate of other blogs when you Hit and Run that way.

if you think I am being Hard - then dont' bother to drop at all. sorry but I am so tired of the return drops to non commenters, who purposely do not read or care about what is on a blog - only the ONE EC DROP.

trust me there are better ways to make friends and to get money, on the internet.

btw I will be posting this to my blog tonite so you can see it when you DROP - and Yes It will be clearly written to you, so you know.

Peace to You,


cher said...

Really, you nailed it on this. Blogs are for sharing ideas and thoughts, not just "dropping by." Love your blogs and will be back tomorrow with a less salty remark.

Bob said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post and then giving me a link in your post. I admit even I am guilty of dropping and leaving if the title of the post doesn't interest me, but I do leave comments on post that are interesting to me.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Aww Cher, coming from you that's wonderful. Thanks so much for the comment and the words of support. you are of course always on the top of my drop by to comment list. LOL

RE Ausetkmt said...

Bob, you inspired me to comment about the situation. after reading your blog again today, a fire built up inside of me when I saw that guy drop on my 6 times and each of his blogs is just a copy of the others. that really meant something to me.

You Bob gave me the spirit I needed to speak out instead of keep suffering in silence. Thank You Very Much, for that Fire.

That's what Blogging is Really About.

Doctor Faustroll said...

I don't usually leave comments because I'm too drunk and stoned to type straight. What the hell is a bounce rate? I thought it meant how frequently I get thrown out of the bar, which is every time I go in.

askcherlock said...

We love you, RE. Norman Mailer once talked about "having fire in the belly." You have that fire. Don't ever stop writing, especially over some jerks.

vhingF said...


in fairness to all of us not just because I'm pinay and he is pinoy - he left me comment once in a while.

me for example : I have four(4) blogs so I need to hurry up to four drops in one of your blog, so.. the ending should be comment time but sometimes your topic is not my interests , sorry.. but that is what i feel , so.. in consideration that you drop EC I'll dropped you back and thats all..but.....if you left me comments I'll comments you english is not good but I understand very well and I'm trying to be good.

hope this will help, PEACE BE WITH YOU, okey.?

vhingF said...

here is my real url blogspot and blogpot

Rolly said...

I think you are so harsh in dealing with us Filipinos and being a dropper. If the post really interest me, I will leave comment either in the post or in the chatbox. But this post really irritates me.

As for me, I don't mind if they just drop their card or never leave messages. It's not fair to do this just because nobody is leaving a message in your blog. Be rational. I know you will not publish this as you will not like this comment. This will be dealt considerably for your disgusting actions.

Theresa said...

I do read, every time I visit a blog, especially this one. But, I don't always comment. I would rather see in depth comments than "I agree" or "beautiful" or "right on." I may get a good chuckle, agree 100% or disagree, but unless I feel I have something worth saying, I don't.

That's the nature of Entrecard. It has been since the beginning. Drop and run. That one point as reward is what dominates the system. It is frustrating.

Then again, it takes time. I may visit a blog and read for months before I leave a comment. If I stuck my nose in earlier than that, I would feel like an intruder.

Denford said...

You go, RE! I am also bothered by the bounce rate and Entrecarders are the biggest culprits on my blog for bringing up my bounce rate.

I have been thinking seriously about starting a drop list of bloggers who comment only, much like that drop list for people who will ALWAYS return a drop (I am on that list, although I have not joined it mostly because it is being abused by bloggers who do not return drops).

My biggest pet peeve apart from this is bloggers who drop and then you find they have no widget on their blogs. I never return that drop again, no matter how many time they drop on me, so they just that one drop they misled me into dropping the first time.

By the way, for one of your blogs, one has to "register" to make a comment and I will be honest that the extra step puts me off!!

cher said...

I really don't think the thrust of RE's post is about Filipinos. Blogging is supposed to be about DIALOGUE, as in building a stream of followers who will take the time to read what one has painstakenly written. If I am not mistaken, that was the intent of EC. There are folks, however, who only use it for credits. In part, that's okay, but to truly use the effectiveness of the EC tool, find the blogs you are interested in and leave a comment. One of the reasons I like EC is that it has afforded me an opportunity to find blogs I like and some which I READ daily. I like political blogs but can appreciate other venues if they are interesting. Didn't I read in the EC rules that you get more credit for taking time to comment? Maybe I'm wrong, but I do think that is the way it should be.

I read that each day there are 22,000 new bloggers. That's a lot of competition so here is my take. Build your niche, find those of like mind or blogs you find interesting and drop on them---with a comment. It is kind of a blogging etiquette.

And get off RE's back!

Dorothy L said...

I love it...demand me...control me...but whatever you do...never forget to love me:)


Dorothy L said...

I agree with all of the above....I have a grrrr...when those advertisement pages step in the way of my already in action comment ..then I have to start all over again.

To have to register is very much annoying.

Oh and the popups that bombard now and then are seriously annoying.

To comment on a post I know nothing about is basically ignorant in my thinking. If I run into a post that I actually have something to say...then I am in.

I am however commenting in a basic nonsensical fashion to some of the posts that are written by loyal visitors even if they are subjects I am not really up to date with.

D breathes....
Personally I write my articles for those who want to read them and if they comment..very much appreciated & reciprocated but I certainly don't base anything on whether they do or don't.

I have a shout box available for those who just do not have the time and are popping in or ec dropping.

Either way it is an me anyway.

Those are my feathers unruffled :)

RE Ausetkmt said...

so that all of my kind commentors know what happened with the person who this post was written about - he has written me back on entrecard and really blessed me out.

I am not going to dignify him with a response.

take a look at his Unedited Mean response here :

Joro Livelihood : Bacon Family
6/20/09 18:12

You have given me a insultive, discriminative and irrational way of posting this to your blog. In such a way, I do the same. Why should I comment on your blog that doesn't pick my brains or doesn't interest me. Meaning, I can't correlate on what to comment because I don't like it. It is not only me that as you said HIT AND RUN. There are so many there but I was the easiest victim of your arrogance.

I am a top commenter to those blogs that I think deserves to be treated well and valued. I normally leave comments in the post and tagboard IF THE BLOG IS INTERESTING.

Please be in mind to use pinay in the right context because you don't know how to use the word correctly. I am not dragging people as what you tried to express. You mentioned about catering the Filino community (not pinay crowd as what you keep on mentioning). That's right. What's wrong with that? They are my countrymen and we are very supportive in all aspects protecting our rights, values and customs. I think you do the same. As I read it, it sounds racist to me.

If you don't want people to drop a card, then keep off your display card. Instead of thanking people for dropping, you returned an insult.

If you ask me about comments, I don't received any comments in my blog but it doesn't matter to me. In fact, I would be thankful if somebody have step in my blogs. I hope you should do that way. I think you don't have that way of acknowledging people that visited you.

The most irritating part of your comment is that when you said that my blogs are of the same content. Have you checked it properly? And you have no right to criticise it because in the first place, I never said anything about your blogs.

Blogging and EC are public properties. Don't put your EC badge if you are not happy for people that will drop on you.

I am not an IT expert and I don't about bounce rate that you are talking about but I have a good PR.

And lastly, no need to reply this comment as this will only go on and on exchanging insults. You started this thinking that I just keep my mouth shut but you're wrong. You are barking at the wrong tree. This will be stopped.

Don't worry, I will not come back again to your blog.


RE Ausetkmt said...

I want to respond to all the comments he made by saying that The Commenters who left comments for me today - all showed great respect, and infact each of their comments expressed their desire for success and wish that fellow bloggers would respect that, simply put.

this man however is confused and thinks that comments are not a requisite for a blog. that in itself proves that entrecard needs to rethink it's one drop strategy.

I honestly think that if you come only for the 1 ec, then you are really NOT A Blogger.

sad indeed

RE Ausetkmt said...

I find it hilarious that he left a comment published above, saying that he thinks my request for him to stop blogrolling me is and I am pasting from his comment here

"As for me, I don't mind if they just drop their card or never leave messages. It's not fair to do this just because nobody is leaving a message in your blog. Be rational. I know you will not publish this as you will not like this comment. This will be dealt considerably for your disgusting actions."

and He calls my actions Disgusting ? he also says I will remove his comment - why would I do that if the point of this post is to get comments. he seems confused, to say the least.

I however still wish him Peace - and hope that he takes the time to learn Blogging Etiquette.
it's essential, to being a good blogger.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Denford, Vhing and D, Thanks So Much for the Comments. and to Cher, here's a special hug for you sweetie {{}}

You are all Golden, Thanks Again

RE Ausetkmt said...

Theresa, thanks for the comment. but I strongly suggest you start leaving comments so that we know you've been here. Thanks For This one and belive me, you'll see one from us - promise.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I keep thinking that I ought to leave EC. It's a lot of time and work and I often don't feel it's benefitting my goals the way I want it to.

And then, last week, an ECer asked me to sit for an interview with her. Others have surprised me with requests for autographed copies of my book.

That alone makes it worthwhile. Yeah, I'd love more comments. I can't comment on all 300 blogs I drop on each day (let alone the other 300 I try to keep up with in my feed reader), but I DO return visits/comments when they're left on my site. Sometimes, you gotta leave a comment to get one back...

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was unaware of the fact that popping in, dropping, and leaving was an unwanted practice, so I learned something today!

jacqueline said...

Wow. I love it when hot coals are stirred up in a potbelly stove and the fire starts to crackle. Honey, you got some folks' underwear all in a bundle and I actually enjoyed the honesty and humor in many of the responses. People often get defensive when you express to them what you want and also what you DON'T want. Anyway, your post has inspired me to become a better citizen of the EC Society. Much love to you my Sista.

Auntie E said...

I question to you? do you always Leave a comment on all the Blogs you visit? Lets say 100-300 blogs. I find something time is limited and it is hard to do this. However I have visitors who have never left any msg, but I know they read or leave my EC to buy ads. I know it is hard to feel rejected but some of us are not rejecting just reading and moving on.:-)

Dorothy L said...

Tis I once again....after reading everyone's comment...I think it is safe to say that we all have our priority list and we all have that matter which order they are placed.

We have all sorts of Bloggers with different reasons for blogging.

Some of us feel that leaving a comment is in fact very important and a show of respect.
Some feel that just dropping in is also important and a show of respect.
Some blog strictly for the $$$$bling.
Some blog for return hits.
Some blog to learn.
Some blog to share.
Some blog to copy and paste :)(naughty)
Some blog to meet new people from all over the world.
Some blog out of boredom.
Some blog to feel good that they have done their 300 ec drops.
Some blog to see how many followers they can get.
Some blog for the fun of the contests.
Some even blog just to get someone to say hello in their shoutbox.

I have seen also groups that basically just visit one another and keep a circle of friends going on.
All of these reasons are acceptable as they should be because everyone has a right to blog.

We also have a right to voice our opinions on who comes into our blogs..similar to who walks into our homes.

When a Blogger raises a concern as you are here alerts my ignorance or simply an innocent oversight and I will then do my best to appease your wishes because I like visiting your blogs.

As I have said everyone has their preference and it is a good thing to let others know.

My thoughts!


RE Ausetkmt said...

Susan, you and I have had a similar happy request which led us to stay in. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and to let others know that it's okay to be active in entrecard. being a dropper is one thing, but being a blogger and a community member, well that's a Gold Star.

Thanks Susan,

RE Ausetkmt said...

Christy, it's okay to pop in and leave a comment too. I'm glad that you know that now, because I believe you will start commenting and recognizing blogs which interest you, with a comment.

to quote my blogging buddy from myspace, JJ - remember "Comments are like Crack to Bloggers"

Thanks for the Hit Christy. LOL

RE Ausetkmt said...

Jacqueline, awwwww you are such a peach. thanks for the comment, you sweet georgia blogger you. LOL

RE Ausetkmt said...

Auntie E, let me ask you if you think your time is worth .01 ?

to be fair, I dont'. I recognize your time and effort as being from a bounty that all bloggers want to claim a small portion of.
I hope that when you are dropping and rolling you are considering how you are devaluing your blogging and the blogs of others who you Rolllllll Over.

Auntie, please find a better way to be a good ec'r because cashing out, is exactly that.

Thanks for your Honesty

RE Ausetkmt said...

D,D,D, what a Gal !
You get the giganto hug. you broke it down and made it so poetic. that's why we all love your blog. and no you will not get rid of us that easy. we shall continue to come and drop and read and comment and hit your cbox. yepppper.

Hugs to you D-Lady

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cher, You made my day.
WOW What a Gal ! You speak your mind and put things in such a clear way that no-body could miss the point. if only I could be as clearheaded in my attacks, maybe folks wouldn't think of me as a grumpy old fart. I really think that when you broke it down, everybody who reads it understands that it's not personal to Filipinos, becuase it's not.

I happen to read lots of Pinay Mommys and lots of Pinoy's too. they are good bloggers if they want to be, and if they want money, they get that too.

I hope that rolly will realize that now that he's been outted - folks will not take kindly to him pimping them out in one day for what most of us get in a week. that's just not a good way to earn money - and especially when you use other people like they don't matter.

he was nasty and basically incoherent in his response to me off the blog, which is why I posted it to my blog so folks could see "Who He Really Is'. just today another blogger sent me a comment saying that this very same blogger had hit their blog 6 times on their choxbox and widget, just today. What is the purpose ?

leave a comment, make a drop - and then move on to the next blog.

bloggers want Readers and Commenters - so if he doesn't follow the rules, why does entrecard still allow this very predatory behaviour ?

I can tell you that after sleeping on it, I have decided that it is the reason entrecard will never grow again; you sell yourself cheap and everybody will copy you and make you cheaper.

I hope as you suggested, we all spend a little more time understanding the reality of blogging and apply those principals in our daily actions.

Bigg Hugs, and a HUGE Kiss on the Cheek to You Cher, because you are My Role Model - just like D. You are the best bloggers I know and from now on I will strive to be more like You.

Thanks for the Support and the Very Helpful Comments. You are a Gold Star Honey, Yes You Are.

Dorothy L said...

Hey Lady...I expect no less from such a Divine and Unique Lady such as yourself:)

Back atcha with the uber {{{HUGGZZZZZ}}}

Your friend and compadre ~D~

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you think of this as "racism"....FYI, dropping by is "normal".....and dropping EC is normal.That's what you get for being an EC member. Entrecard really promotes traffic but produces high bounce rate---meaning, droppers just drop cards and spend 3 seconds in ur blog, never read and never comment. So what? That's the way it works. If you don't want this, you might as well get out of EC .
Another thing is , no one is obligated to leave a comment nor read a blog post. You can never force anyone who drops by at your blog to spend his time reading. If he does not care, so what?
You , as a blogger, should have the responsibility to improve your content and devise ways to make anyone drop by ---not just drop by but read your content and leave comment.
There is no blogging rule that exists in this world that says "everyone who drops by should leave a comment".
Bloggers have different purposes why they blog. So if one just wants to make money, he may never care to read ur blog. If he just wants reciprocal traffic, he may never leave a comment. If he wants commenters, he may comment in other blogs to encourage commenting on his blog.
As I've said, there are no blogging rules. Each one to his own.
But I tell you, if you just want everybody who drops by at your blog ---either get out of EC or either strive hard to encourage commenting.
Just like me, if I drop an EC on a blog and the blog post caught my attention, I would read . If I have something to say, I comment. If not, I don't. If I don't have the time to comment I don't. I only comment on blog posts that interest me, relevant to me or something where I am interested to comment on. If not , then I don't.
So don't feel upset about it. It's just the way it is. If you don't like the way it is, then don't blog.

StacieinAtlanta said...

Amen sister!

I am totally cracking up about your post. Good for you!

Lisa said...

I agree with what Anonymous said. There are no blogging rules and you can't force a blogger to leave a comment if your post is not interesting. Do you always leave a comment to all the blogs you visit? I think not.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Lisa, you are a good one to talk.

Blog Milker - you use your internet connection to be a Pirate. I had to look at your profile to see who you are. I know that you have NEVER visited My Page before, so that proves you are also a SHIT STARTER; same remedy for you lil miss lisa.

Find a Job and Quit Acting Like a Pirate.
there is nothing on your three SPLOGS that has ever drawn me there; and this proves that you are a shit starter, because instead of you coming here looking and reading - you centered on one post, which was clearly correct in writing about SPLOGGERS LIKE YOU.

Wear the Shoes Lisa if They FIT; and then call yourself GODLIKE.