Thursday, June 25, 2009

All Ya need is the Rocket Experience - Yeah Buzzy Bee ya Hot like FYRE

WE gonna get wit the program.. the space program that is.
I'm lovin this Buzz Aldrin Rocket Experience

"Are Ya Ready to Put on Ya Space Suit - Strap in for the G-Force Lift Off.."

When we saw the blurb on tmz, we went to our inbox searching
for the booty; and yo matey, there she blows.

Talib Kweli and Snoop Dogg really put it down for the Rocket Man.
You have to watch this video to appreciate the Music Video itself.

Now tell me, don't you wanna get with the Space Program..

"Moon Walkin such a trip now, when ya walkin in the lunar dust.."

the real deal behind this video is the combining of efforts;
to revive the space program - and get people, especially kids
interested in space, math and physics. we think that's the biz-omb.

we were one of those science kids, so we're throwin it up for Buzzy Buzz.
share this video with your kids and friends - it family friendly and fun too.

Enjoy Your Moonwalk,

Buzz Aldrin and Snoop Dogg reach for the stars with Rocket Experience

It was probably one small step for Snoop Dogg but it was one giant leap for Buzz Aldrin when he teamed up with the hip-hop artist to record a rap single.

The white-haired astronaut, 79, has accomplished what he claims is his second great mission — becoming a rap star — with a track commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing next month.

The single, Rocket Experience, and accompanying video feature the second man on the Moon nodding his head and gyrating in time to the beat as he leans into a microphone to deliver lines such as: “I’m the spaceman, I’m the rocket man, it’s time to venture far, let’s take a trip to Mars, our destiny is to the stars.”

Snoop Dogg, who helped to make the track with the producer Quincy Jones and fellow rap stars Talib Kweli and Soulja Boy, is shown in the video commending Aldrin — who adopted the rap pseudonym Doc Rendezvous — on his vocal skills. “That’s hot right there, man. That’s gangsta,” he says.

The video switches between shots of Aldrin rapping — wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan “Buzz Aldrin, Rocket Hero” — and archive film of the Apollo 11 launch, his and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon and recordings of crackly radio exchanges between the astronauts and mission control.

Rocket Experience was instigated by Aldrin as part of his mission to reignite public interest in the US space programme and teach younger generations about space exploration.

“Young people have lost any interest in space that isn’t in a video game or a movie house. Many don’t really know that Man has stood on the Moon,” he said. “But these incredible rappers speak to the new generations and know how to reach them. The Americans who will take Man to Mars are already born and they don’t even know that space is Man’s fate.”

Proceeds from the song and video sales will go to Aldrin’s non-profit foundation, ShareSpace , which supports space education and advocacy programmes carried out by the National Space Society, the Planetary Society and the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.

It was released on the internet comedy website Funny or Die and is accompanied by a second behind-the-scenes video, which features Aldrin and the rappers giving tongue-in-cheek interviews about the venture.

I have only two passions: space exploration and hip-hop,” Aldrin jests, after Jones, who won a Grammy Award, tells the camera: “My man Buzz, my brother, he had a great groove going on.”

While Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, has maintained a low public profile, Aldrin has continued to dream up new ways of promoting space exploration.

He maintains a website and has joined Twitter under the name therealBuzz, which he has used to post promotional messages about his rap track and biography.

In Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon he recounts how after being elevated to the status of global hero in 1969 he struggled with depression and alcoholism for years.

In 2002 he became a folk hero when he punched a heckler in the jaw in California for accusing him of faking the Moon landing.

In his new video he is shown offering Snoop Dogg some tips on his pugilistic skills: “Say you know Snoop, you’ve gotta do a little more work on your left jab there, dude,” he advises


askcherlock said...

This is such a cool video! Snoop Dogg and Buzz. Who woulda thought it could work so well. Let's get tose kids into science and maybe listening to some of the older folk who have stories to tell!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Totally unrelated but since you asked... keep your eyes peeled at the Meet and Greet for some Trevor. Soon.

Nina said...

wow! thats like mixing oil and water... but leave it to Snoop to do some bizarre colabs...hahah