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Cops-n-Kids; Dem Salt - Dangerous Times agwan inna yard

Yes it's time for the Suss.. Political Suss is all About the Cops and Kids in Jamaica this week. There's enough news in one week on Cops and Kids to skip the rest of the politics until next week.

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Now build ya spliff, get a ginga beer and juke in mon, It Agwan Dread !

Today's Stories are from the Jamaica Star

Health minister, union to meet following closure of morgue

Minister of Health Rudyard Spencer is to meet with President of the Jamaica Workers' Union, Clifton Brown, following a directive to suspend the operations of the Mandeville Regional Hospital's morgue following the recent disappearance of a baby's body.

The meeting is scheduled for 8 a.m. Monday at the ministry's head office on King Street in Kingston.

Letters of suspension were sent to the staff last Wednesday after the minister received a report into the disappearance of the body of a new-born from the facility. It was discovered that the body, one of a twin, could not be found when the parents turned up to collect it in February.

second such incident

This is the second such incident at the hospital. The Mandeville Regional Hospital was at the centre of the 2002 'Baby Pansy' saga.
In that incident, Pansy Campbell challenged the hospital after she was presented with a body that the administrators claimed was that of her child who had died shortly after birth. Campbell denied that it was her child.

Close to a year later, and after widespread media coverage, DNA tests confirmed the body was not that of 'Baby Pansy'. It has never been determined what happened to the body of the child.

No gun salute? - Residents claim cops tried to get patrons to go to go-go club

If the residents of Charlemont in St Catherine are speaking anything near the truth, then the two policemen who are being investigated for their alleged involvement in a gun salute will have a lot to explain.

On Tuesday, THE STAR reported that allegations are being investigated that two policemen were involved in a gun salute at a dance in the community on Saturday. The article stated that the dance was being held in celebration of a bar opening for a well-known don.

different version

However, irate residents of the community afterwards contacted THE WEEKEND STAR and sought to give their version of the story, which paints a rather corrupt picture.

The residents say there was no gun salute, but rather a barrage of shots which were fired to disperse the crowd in the hope that they would leave the dance and go to another venue, owned by the stepfather of one of the policemen.
"Not a thing nuh guh suh 'bout gun salute ... Di police
dem not even know di man weh a keep di dance suh how dem fi a fire salute fi him?" a resident who claims to have witnessed the whole scenario, Ms Betty, questioned.

She said the policemen were simply trying to get the patrons to a go-go club which was not enjoying its usual number of patrons due to the keeping of the dance.
"Listen, is a big dance eno, di place block and 'cause everybody deh deh ... Nobody neva too deh a di go-go club suh a dat mek him come fire di shot dem inna di dance. Everybody from Charlemont know seh him step fada own the go-go club," Ms Betty explained.

Police say they are aware of the residents' claims, but add that it is too early to say which argument is correct as investigations are not yet complete.


Reports said the Linstead police went to the dance in the wee hours of the morning after being alerted about gunshots being fired. After arriving, the cops saw two men who aroused their suspicion and they were searched.

The men were reportedly loud and boisterous and had to be taken to the Linstead Police Station, where a senior officer was called and their firearms taken.

Their hands were subsequently swabbed and the guns sent for forensic testing.

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DONS TURN TO MUSIC - Producing songs as cover for illegal activities

In an effort to divert police attention, some powerful area dons in the island are turning to producing music, THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt.

Dons from Kingston and St Catherine, St Elizabeth and Westmoreland have taken to the music business as they put up a 'front' while seeking profits to fund their criminal operations.

Although criminal elements have been known to seek profits by hosting events such as stage shows and parties, music production is relatively new.

Checks have revealed that at least three record labels have been associated with dons. There are also at least two songs which are high-riding on local charts that were produced by one of these labels.

aware of scheme

Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green, head of the Serious Crimes Division (which networks with the Major Investigation Task Force and Organised Crime Investigation Division) said the police are aware of the activity.

He said certain people in the music industry along with their entourages are always under scrutiny.

Bling, the 'second in command' for a volatile east Kingston community, admitted to their involvement in music production.
"A deh suh di ting deh now eno ... If wi can mek money from show and party, it only natural wi try fi di bigga money and try di music ting straight," he said while pointing out that his boss is one such community leader who has gone into music production.
But there is a twist in the gangsters' involvement. Investigations revealed that the criminals do little or nothing in order to complete the productions.
Blacka Dog, a highly respected community leader from St Catherine, said persons are simply ordered to perform musical favours. "We nuh know how fi build riddim, suh wi jus beg a one producer sort out one fi wi. Afta dat wi link di artiste dem an tell dem seh wi have a bad riddim fi dem voice pon and wi a beg dem put sup'n pon it," he explained.

Threats take care of the promotion of the finished products. One popular selector said 'young' selectors in the business are sometimes threatened to play tunes on the thugs' labels.

"Di man dem come out inna dem numbers when dem ready but a normally di likkle man dem get dem treatment deh still... Di bigga man dem probably inna di link already so a phone call can mek and everyting sort out," said the selector.

Although profits from the new-found enterprise are not made in an instant, the thugs nevertheless say it is a good way of diverting unwanted police attention while travelling on the road to get 'real money'.

In explaining their theory, Bling said: "A real money wi want eno, an dis is a good way to it... Di money might nuh deh pon spot like when yu keep a dance but afta a while a good food can eat."

Despite their belief that this is a good way to elude the police, law enforcement officials said they are aware of the activity.

ACP Green said the police are also aware that other forms of criminal acts come into play with the new development.

"That's nothing new to us and we know that it involves human and drug trafficking," ACP Green said, while adding that the police are not easily tricked and once there is enough evidence to bring someone to justice, putting up any business venture as a front will be futile.

Notice if you will, the one without the vest is doing his very bestest tyra "pidgeon toed booty toot". SMDH,, can you say BOYYY STOP !!!

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Another cop held in kidnap case

Detectives handling the investigation into the 2004 abduction and murder of Kemar Walters, 19, and Oliver Duncan, 35, have taken another policeman into custody in connection with the incident.

Earlier yesterday, Deputy Commissioner of Police Mark Shields said the team was seeking to trace the whereabouts of Corporal Paul Edwards of the Riversdale Police Station. The release stated that the corporal was wanted for questioning in connection with the case. An appeal was made for the officer to turn himself in or for anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward.

Subsequent to the issue of that release, Corporal Edwards turned himself in. He will be interviewed in the coming days.

Four policemen were taken into custody in relation to the December 23 murders of Walters and Duncan. The case was reopened 14 months ago after new information was published in The Gleaner pertaining to the case. The case was closed in 2007 after the Crown said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute a police officer who was initially accused in the men's disappearance.

believed to be murdered
Reports are that the police drove to a parking lot in the Washington Boulevard plaza on December 23, 2004, and accosted the men, one of whom was said to be involved in a car-stealing ring involving members of the police. Both men then went missing. It is believed that they were abducted and murdered.

The story published by The Gleaner in 2008 brought information about police corruption and the abduction of the men to public knowledge.

this is a still clip of two Jamaican Schoolgirls Fighting. yes it apparently has become a national sport amongst the kids. but now the girls seem to be pushing ahead with this latest beat down of a cop. apparently she even snarled at the judge who was fairly leanent and probably should have made it a policy that the girl check in with the court whilst she was in the program. no doubt this policewoman will keep her hands to herself next time she approaches a feisty likkle pickney who parents done wid har,,

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A female police inspector was attacked and punched repeatedly by a teenage girl who was taken to her for counselling by her parents.

The teen drew looks of shock and surprise when the allegations against her were outlined in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Friday.

The teen, who has since been slapped with a number of charges including malicious destruction of property, assaulting an officer, using indecent language, communicating with a prisoner and resisting with arrest, was taken to the police station by her parents because of her unruly, disrespectful and disruptive behaviour.


It is alleged that when she arrived at the police station and was being spoken to by the inspector, her indiscipline continued and she attacked the policewoman. The teen reportedly punched the inspector in the face, damaging her glasses. She is also accused of inflicting several other blows to the officer. The inspector told the court that she had to pay $6,900 to repair the damage to her glasses.

When the matter was brought up in court, however, the inspector revealed that she was willing to work with the troubled teen.

Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey urged the probation officers to speak with the child and offer her counselling. The Inspector promised to help in the process.

The matter is to return before the court on June 24 when the accused will be sentenced.


BARBARA GAYLE, Staff Reporter

Now forgive me but what mek him cry afta him reek havoc pon the world ? eeehh ?? seem strange him change from Badman to Bawlinman in the face of justice. a so it go since him nah walk weh from him deeds. now him can big up himself inna horizon wid the real badman dem.

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A real 'cow bawling' echoed through the Supreme Court building, last Friday, from a teenager who was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for the fatal stabbing of another teen.

Adrian 'Sanchez' Nicholson, 18, of Newlands, St Catherine, wept uncontrollably as policemen escorted him from the courtroom after he was sentenced.

Nicholson, who was on bail pending sentence, believed that since he had pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was on bail awaiting his sentence, he would be given a non-custodial sentence.

Persons who heard Nicholson crying stopped to find out the reason.

They were informed that Supreme Court Judge Gloria Smith had just sentenced Nicholson to seven years' imprisonment for manslaughter arising from the death of Kymani Hill, 13, of Power Avenue, Newlands. Nicholson was charged with murder but he pleaded guilty to the lesser offence.

stone throwing

Hill was fatally stabbed on November 30, 2006, after he threw a stone on a zinc fence near to a games shop in Newlands. Nicholson, who was in the shop, came out to enquire who threw the stone and a dispute developed between them.

After Nicholson stabbed Hill, he was chased, beaten and stabbed by residents and had to be taken to hospital.

The judge said despite pleas from attorney-at-law Jean Barnes for Nicholson to be given a non-custodial sentence, she had to send him to prison because "life was too precious and people must respect the sanctity of life".

The court was told that after Hill threw the stone, people in the community were "egging on" the accused and Hill to fight.

The judge said that instead of crying for peace, the adults were egging on the violence. She said too many lives were being lost, especially young lives because of that type of behaviour from adults.

Nicholson's lawyer, in making a mitigation plea, said that Nicholson should be given a non-custodial sentence because it was the action of the adults which brought about "this sordid state of affair".

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In Jamaica as a youth, you are encouraged to bust out strong on your own, early. mostly to use your Jah given talents to "get a money" as the saying goes. this is entrepreneurship taken to a whole new level. hopefully this kid will learn from his mistake and not repeat it; especially on such a small scale. smdhmon !

19-y-o under investigation for acquiring $1.4m

Tashieka Mair, Star Writer


Members of the Area One Fraud Squad may have to explore the 'scientific world' to uncover how a teenager was able to acquire and cash several cheques belonging to an organisation to which he has no affiliation.

When the case against 19-year-old freelance computer technician Author Coleman was mentioned in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court, the officer informed the court that he was still carrying out investigations into how the accused got the cheques valued at $1.4 million.

Resident Magistrate Vivienne Harris told the investigating officer that he might have to use fingerprint analysis, and other forensic evidence, along with further intense investigation to uncover who colluded with the accused, if the case was to be prosecuted successfully.

forged documents

Coleman, a resident of Rosemount Meadows, was charged with possession and uttering forged documents after it was discovered that he had been in possession of cheques for the complainant company. The signatures on the cheques were allegedly superimposed (computer generated) and, according to notations on the cheques, the accused told bank personnel that he had got the cheques for services rendered to the company.

However, defence attorney Martin Thomas, who applied for bail on Coleman's behalf, said the prosecution would have a hard time proving its case against his client, as the evidence was quite tenuous.


Coleman was offered $250,000 bail and told that he should have no access to computers unless it was for educational purposes. He is also to report to the Freeport Police Station on Tuesdays and Fridays. The matter was set for July 22 to allow the police to carry out further investigations in the matter.

The allegations are that the chief financial officer of the company noticed that the business' account was in overdraft and 10 cheques prepared between October 2008 and early 2009 could not be accounted for. The cheques were allegedly prepared and disbursed without proper documentation from the accounts department. It was later discovered that the cheques had been lodged over the counter and via ATMs to Coleman's account.

BLOODY WAR FOR CABLE MONEY - Thugs clash for profit from illegal business

The police are now concerned about an illegal cable operation in Gold Spring, Westmoreland, that has led to several bloody clashes between thugs wanting to collect the profits from its operation.

THE STAR has learnt that for the past three weeks there have been frequent clashes between two groups of men who have been fighting for the right to the profits.

nursing broken bones

Although there has not been any death so far, several men have been seriously injured after they were beaten and left nursing broken bones. At least a dozen men are believed to be involved in the conflict.

"Some months ago a group of men from the community devised a way to make illegal connections and charge residents a small weekly fee. Recently, another set of men from the same community wanted in on the action and when they were told 'no' it started a war," Inspector Martin Howell of the Area One Police Division told THE STAR.

It was further explained to THE STAR that through the illegal connection, residents pay $200 per week and are given about 50 channels.

The police say they are yet to determine the number of residents who have taken up the illegal offer, but it is suspected that the men reap handsome profits.

sticks, stones

With the prospect of earning big, the men have been at each other's throats, clashing frequently in the streets of the community, using sticks, stones and anything else they can grab to get their point across.

"Based on what we heard, the original men are not willing to let in anybody on the action but the other men are willing to fight for it," said Inspector Howell, adding, "They have not gone for the gun, instead these men are literally using sticks and stones but it is still a serious situation."

The most recent clash occurred on Sunday afternoon.

collect payments

According to reports, about 4 p.m. two men had gone into a section of the community to collect cable payments.

They were confronted by a group of men who ordered them to leave, and upon resisting several blows were thrown on them. One of the men suffered a broken leg and had to be taken to hospital.

The police say that they have already began to increase their presence in the community and will be looking to slap charges on the participants in the illegal activity.

Click Here to Listen to as we discuss the part that the Jamaican Police could play to Make this Work out better for everybody

Trinidadian Police who refuse to enter the hills of Laventille Trinidad


Reports have been running wild in Trinidad since last week that a Jamaican hit man was brought there to assassinate a senior police officer, known for his tough stance on crime.

According to one newspaper in Trinidad, the hit man was hired "to assassinate head of the North Eastern Divisional Task Force Sergeant Roger Alexander" and that the thug "has been hiding out somewhere in Laventille Road". Reports say detectives have since been combing the island for the man.

divulging information

On Monday, a corporal at the North Eastern Division Police Station said they would not be divulging any information on the telephone. He confirmed, however, that the police have heard about the Jamaican hit man. Attempts to speak with Sergeant Alexander were unsuccessful as THE STAR was told he would not be in office.

A representative at the Jamaican High Commission in Trinidad told THE STAR that he has seen the report in the media but it would first have to be substantiated before a comment could be made.

Head of communication for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Karl Angell, said that the matter would be looked into and an update provided.

Reports say the assassination plot was unearthed after the Morvant Police Station in Trinidad "was flooded with calls regarding the Jamaican national".

It is alleged that that callers told police that a "hefty" price had been put on Alexander's head and also described the would-be killer.

Horace L.A. Lewis - in full clownsuit

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LA Lewis Evicted!

Landlord removes belongings from deejay's office

LA Lewis' problems just can't end.

The deejay, who is known for his graffiti across the Corporate Area, was yesterday evicted from the building from which he operated his business, LA Lewis Enterprise Limited.

Scores of onlookers gathered outside the establishment located at 24 Burlington Avenue in St Andrew, while the deejay's furniture and equipment were being removed. While the rain fell, his belongings were being placed on either the sidewalk or in a truck parked a few metres away.

former business associate

All this took place just hours after the deejay was released from custody after he was remanded on Tuesday by Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey. Lewis had appeared to answer to charges of housebreaking and larceny and assault in relation to allegations that he broke into the house of a former business associate and robbed her.

Shortly after he was given a new date to return to court, the artiste returned after the complainant told police that he attempted to kiss her and had stood in her way outside of court. RM Pusey then ordered that he be taken to the holding area to see that the court was not a 'poppy show'. He was kept there until yesterday.

removed from the building

When contacted after his eviction, LA Lewis confirmed that he was removed from the building. He said, however, that he had been speaking with the landlord's wife for an hour before the men arrived to remove his belongings.

"De lady (landlord's wife) seh mi balance a $60,000. Dem bring some letters and seh I was evicted. From December (2008) me never pay dem no rent, but mi did have a talk with di elder for the building and tell him seh mi a go pay him soon," LA Lewis told THE STAR.

security deposit

However, Lewis said he paid $50,000 to the landlord a few weeks ago and he had also paid two months' security deposit. The deejay said that he had a five-year rental agreement with the landlord in which he would pay $19,000 each month.

According to the deejay, he was unable to pay his rent because he was losing business as a result of his court case. He said his business was going through a "depression" and he was involved in many different projects.

His eviction has only added to the stress ,and now LA Lewis has been forced to store his belongings in a warehouse. He also said that he does not know where his office will be located next.

Co'mon you know ya wanna listen in

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