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Tivoli Stories Part 3 - Listen To The Heartbeat of Kingston

Welcome to Tivoli and Tower Street

Tivoli Stories Part Three - Listen To The Heartbeat Of Jamaica

  • Dem Haffi Get a Beatin - Peter Tosh
  • Tired a Di Bangarang - Lester Sterling and Stranger Cole
  • The Road is Rough Dub Version - Joe Gibbs and the Professionals
  • Johnny Too Bad - Conrad Crystal
  • Two Sevens Clash - Culture
  • Gunman - Michael Prophet
  • Can't Tek the Gun Gun - Junior Reid
  • Natural Reggae Beat - Black Uhuru
  • Sodome and Gomorra - Misty in Roots
  • Ghetto of the City - Misty in Roots
  • Youths of Eglington - Black Uhuru
  • Dem No Worry Me - Super Cat
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Welcome to the Heartbeat, the Heartbeat of Jamaica. can you hear it ? It's the sound of Kingstons' people and their struggle. The people are the warriors, the soldiers, the victims and the pawns in this ever changing live war game called Tivoli Stories.
Extra pressure is being exerted upon Jamaica now by the US Dept of Justice to extradite Christopher "Dudus" Coke to stand trial in the US. The extradition order and warrant have been sitting in the hands of Jamaica's Prime Minister Bruce Golding since the fall of 2009.

Quite Recently Jamaica was faced with a political tug of war about finance issues with the United States of America. US President Barack Obama visited with Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding; apparently to reiterate the request for Dudus. Can you imagine such a thing ? a sitting US President coming to the point of asking Jamaica's Prime Minister for a criminal ?
There is more to this picture than we can see on the surface. We 're putting on our diving suit to search the depths of this issue. Through the months since it was issued, this extradition order has caused lots of conversation all across the island. Most of it banking on the fact that like his father Jim Brown - Dudus will not be handed over to the beast.
dudus being arrested by the jdf in 2007Some of us may have forgotten that when Jim Brown was in the heat of his extradition fight against the US Department of Justice, his cell in the Tower Street Corrections Facility (shown at the top of this post) mysteriously went up in fire.
There are those who say there was no body recovered from the debris of the charred cell. Yet others believe this was a false scenario to sneak Jim Brown out of Jamaica and away from the hands of the CIA. That seems much more likely, as we start to examine the facts now.
Old family business only passes from generation to generation. Whomever set Dudus up to be an international powerplayer had to be on the top of the game, obviously. That would be the CIA, right ? Neither Guns nor Cocaine are manufactured in Jamaica - yet they exist there in large amounts. This is according to the recent US Department of Justice report siteing Jamaica as a major crime center in the caribbean. This is why the US is holding up the IMF Loans to Jamaica.
Many say that Jim Brown was originally set up by the CIA - so they wanted him back, to keep him quiet. Could you imagine if that is the case. If it is and Dudus knows, then this is the reason that the US is unrelenting in their quest to extradite him to their jails. Jamaica can't hold him if they - (the CIA) really want' him. They will blow up a whole jail to kill him if they want him. Remember Jim Brown People - No Body.

Certainly it could play out in a similar fashion for the son; as Dudus is rarely seen in public these days. His recent jam packed community birthday celebration in Tivoli; was the scene of police mayhem. Bullets showered the crowd as police made it their business to mix in; with hopes of snagging the Don. This would of course never happen. It's widely reported that Dudus like his father Jim Brown, rarely goes out in public; and hardly ever mixes in with large crowds.

His survival depends on this

The Jamaican governments Blood is Stronger than Money defense to refusing the extradition order; is wearing thin. Money is slow on the island and the cops are hotting up the areas that they believe are money links for Dudus. They seem to believe that if they can cut into his pocket; they may have a chance at actually making someone rich enough to snitch. This snitch wouldn't be alive long enough to enjoy any of their rewards, so no one is interested in those bloody pieces of silver.

The Minister of Justice is apparently tied to the rule of the Prime Minister; which means that the Prime Minister is acting in favor of holding Dudus in Jamaica; to keep him safe as a Jamaican Son. The Jamaican press is reacting by reporting and not voicing an opinion on either side - because of their fears. Reporters have been targeted before, which is why this story would never be reported this way Inside of Jamaica. It is only that outside buffer space that allows us to speculate and report from this viewpoint, very carefully.
This One Blood policy is causing lots of conversation now, as it did when it was applied in the case of Jim Brown. Ultimately the CIA will have their rendition, even if it involves a coup'. Jamaica is ripe for a hotter summer due to this political friction. Many are watching for signs from parliament, that this will finally be the end to the Don Structure; which has powered Jamaican Politics since the 1960's.

Remember that When the Two Sevens Clashed there was death, murder and political deal-making everywhere. Tivoli became as factional as the hearts of the politicians running the arena. It was time that the 45 was laid down in favor of the ballot.

Will that time come again this fall ?

We're predicting an early no confidence vote to be called this fall by the opposition party - to end this stalemate with the US.
Jamaicas' financial picture hasn't looked this desperate in decades; and the interest in stabilizing the currency rate is quite high. When the Jamaican Dollar reached the J$88.00 to US$1.00 levels it signaled the time for a change. This is how it happened When the Two Sevens Clashed.

Tivoli, Are You Listening ? the world is watching you now..

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