Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GURU Needs OUR Clarity - Check Out the Videos and Solar 7's Interview Today

This is another video update from the Nephew of Guru. this one breaks alot of this mystery down. it really hits at some very valid points on what you need to do to handle your business before the ish hits the fan. he tells you what he saw and how the whole experience makes him feel as Gurus' Nephew.

it makes no sense for Solar 7-Grand to be tweeting as though he is Guru, while Guru is still basically unable to do anything for himself - especially use a phone to send a tweet.

These Are Tweets From - GuruGangStarr

Guru’s Statement:
“I am doing fine and I am recovering! I’m weak though. Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false! I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!”
March 3

Guru recovering, issues statement! – From BrooklynVegan

Solar Will Be Providing The Only Accurate Info On Guru And Will Be Doing Interviews Soon. Solar & Guru And (cont) http://tl.gd/d88o4 1:06 AM Mar 3rd via Twitlonger
Guru is doing Better everyday and wishes to thank all his fans and supporters for their love and well wishes. (via @Solar_7Grand ) 12:55 AM Mar 5th via web
My Brother, sister and Niece visited me last week. My brother stayed with @Solar_7Grand for 3 days. Truth!! 1:01 AM Mar 5th via web
No Good Can Come of That Lie Solar

Knowing that Solar 7-Grand has now committed Fraud and signed paperwork saying he is Guru's Brother; we know that the truth on everything won't be far away. the pain in Gurus' nephews voice clearly indicates what type of games are being played over this mans body. Even as he is attempting to recouperate from a very serious surgery. can you imagine what he must be thinking watching all this play out ? it has to be quite an incredible revelation on all corners.

to think that Solar 7-Grand would try to prevent Gurus' flesh and blood from seeing him, just smacks of "WTF is This Really All About Here God" ? somehow it seems more like a beef that he's trying to keep going against DJ Premier. because if you pay attention to the whole drama, that's the person Solar 7grand always seems to swing back to in his references.

This is a very sad and unfortunate situation for one of our HipHop Gods. isn't it time we payed attention to the situation our brother finds himself in now with people throwing paper all over him, instead of respecting him as a Man.
Tonite we found this really revealing phone interview from Hot 97 done earlier today (march 8, 2010) with Solar. he says more about what he won't say; than what anybody asks him. he leaves himself open like a door, even though he says he's Gurus' partner. he says he's Gurus' best friend, not his manager or his spokesperson. so why is he speaking for him ? infact why is he Tweet Lying AS him ? why is he not addressing the video situation from Justin and His Family ?
He says it's untrue and after watching Justins' video - I think Justin is Telling The Truth. how can Solar_7grand say who should or shouldn't be seeing Guru ? this guys words sound cheesy like spaghetti. No doubt we're all gonna know WHY; when Guru recovers and can speak for HIMSELF.

Listen To This Interview -

This is the most recent tweet from the Solar_7grand camp:
This morning on Hot 97 Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg interviewed Solar on the phone regarding Guru’s health situation. They address the family issues and rumors in this 13 minute interview. Listen to this interview here…
HipHopAndBS MUST HEAR!!! LISTEN TO @Solar_7Grand's INTERVIEW ON HOT 97 W/ @ciphasounds & @Rosenbergradio >> http://bit.ly/aelvJz

This is about as Deep as it gets, Really Doh,


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