Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WOW - Kingfish Seh Buju REALLY Di Driva

this is the bait used to catch a kingfish - pretty huh ?
WOW - Kingfish and Buju..

The US Attorneys have their hands on explosive evidence carefully collected and paid for over quite a period of time. This is just the type of evidence that sinks a defendant, with the charge of Conspiracy. The smart attorney tries to fight the charges but it's basically impossible to escape the charge of Conspiracy. You can think about it; and if they can prove you thought about it - you can be convicted. Even if you didn't do anything. Conspiracy is a catch all charge, used mainly to catch larger figures who've escaped previously.

Listen to the Yard Man A Tell Unnu The Real Drama - Dem Pre it,

Ya Hear the Man seh Conspiracy - deh ting sticky yah kno mi yute

Apparently Operation Kingfish is calling this it's biggest catch to date. It looks a though they were watching Buju for several years in Jamaica; and then when he was on tour and in the US he was also under scrutiny of law enforcement officials. All combining efforts and looking to build a case against him. The Jamaican and American law enforcers joined hands and shared evidence allowing them to cooperate in this huge catch.

Buju is charged with Conspiracy to Traffic, and  Distribute Narcotics. Basically they've got him with the word of this secret informant.  This is someone who has worked with the US Attorneys office regularly for years.

Here are a few of the amazing details that were recently revealed in the Jamaican Blogging Press; about the still unnamed government protected and paid snitch who delivered the Reggae singer:

  • He transported over 2,000 kilos of cocaine and 3-4,000 kilos of marijuana between 1984 and 1993!
  • He was convicted in South Florida in 1993 of distributing cocaine in a case that brought a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years!
  • He has been paid 3.3 million dollars for helping law enforcement (DEA, Customs, FBI, Sarasota PDs) in numerous cases over several years!
  • He is a legal permanent resident of the United States from Colombia and was granted that immigration status only after law enforcement requested it!
  • He is paid on a contingency basis and looks to collect approximately $35,000 from the Banton case!
  • His credibility was called into question by one judge who doubted the truthfulness of his testimony in a case!
  • He is currently involved in a tax dispute with the IRS!
  • He has worked consistently with Assistant US Attorney James Preston, the prosecutor handling Banton’s case, for the last 10 years!

Buju is on Tape, and there is a deputy who is involved and witnessed the taping; So it's proof that the conspiracy was a criminal act.  Buju apparently was only with the drugs during the taping; but the fact that he was there at that time is evidence enough, to lock him up - for Conspiracy; and his legal team knows it. Welcome to Wow Wednesday.

Bad Bwoy Bad Bwoy Whatcha Gonna Do, Now That Kingfish Has Got it's Hands On You ?

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