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MM: Born 2 B - British HipHop with a Reggae Edge - FREE MIXTAPE

Yepper This week we are featuring Born 2 B - British HipHop with a Reggae Edge.

I discovered them last year in an email campaign from the man himself, Colin Crook. yes Thee Colin Crook sent me a message telling me all about them. Wowww.. yes I know. but you must remember even Mama ASID gets star struck every once in a while. for those of you who aren't aware of who Colin is, check this out.

He also sent me some of their new music, which I promptly remixed into my own danceable dubplate tribute.  You know Mamas' always in the kitchen cookin up them hot beats and remixes.  

This is the piece I produced for Born 2 B. it's a remix of their newest two tracks into one ten minute bodyrocker. this is Music / Mixtape Monday and This is Our Submission

Click to Listen to Our Version - Brixton Rocks

I suggest you download the tune and enjoy it, because it is not available for sale anywhere - nope. 

This is a custom produced One of a Kind Tribute Dubplate Done For Colin Crook - From the studios of Mama ASID and the Sunshine Shop. You see producers have their own fans too; and Colin is one of my biggest UK rebel favorites. I have enjoyed the music and deep mixes he's dropped on the market since the early 90's.  I never thought I'd get the chance to work on one his projects - let alone a bonified hit. ZAGggaA Zzzzooooowwww  as Beenieman says.  His touch is the guarantee of a hit, always. Colin is a genius, Literally.

This is from the Born 2 B - Myspace Site

BORN 2 B is a Rapper/Producer/Songwriter who has already proved himself to be a leader on the British Hip Hop scene with his 1992/3 release The Band Played The Boogie on which he featured with NW1 for Coldcuts NINJA TUNE RECORDS. With exceptional sales in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA, plus mass coverage from MTV, Radio One and Kiss FM, BORN 2 B has become a recognised member of the U.K. Rap fraternity. It all started back in 1984, when a very young Born 2 B joined South East Londons largest sound system, Xenaxel 305 and along with fellow Rappers Merlin and Blade, started his career in rhyme. On leaving the sound system in 1989, Born 2 B began to learn about studio recording techniques, worked on new material and searched for a manager. In early 1989, he met up with Jackie Khan from Manna Management / Tony Hall Group, who shortly after became his personal manager. Born 2 B began working with Production team Invision, whose lead member Peter Hinds had previously had success as a member of Light of the World, The David Joseph Band and Incognito.

The result of this collaboration was the 1990 release, Moments In Love by Invision featuring Born 2 B on She Records (UK) and ZYX Records (Germany). Later on in the same year, Born 2 B also featured on the She Projects Technofusion 2 album with his track Aquarian House. In early 1991, Born 2 B began working with Turkeys leading Record Producer, Daghan Baydur and was featured as Guest Rapper for top female Turkish Pop vocalist, Ruya on her single entitled Turkish Delight. The record was a huge success in the Turkish market and was even used on the BBCs The Clothes Show. Following this, Born 2 B started to work with producers Geoff Wilkinson and Mel Simpson on the Jazz-Rap single The Band Played The Boogie by NW1 featuring Born 2 B.

The single was officially released in January 1992 on Ninja Tune Records. This led to a huge club promotional tour with Kiss 100FM and extensive TV and press coverage. The single reached No. 32 in the Gallup National Dance Charts (UK) and became a massive European hit due to the heavy video airplay on MTVs The Party Zone and a feature on ITVs Thames News (UK). Blue Note/Capitol Records negotiated a worldwide record deal with Geoff Wilkinson and Mel Simpson on the success of The Band Played The Boogie and they formed the group Us3. The duo offered Born 2 B the opportunity to become the third member of the group, but this was declined. In the summer of 92, Chrysalis Music commissioned Born 2 B to work with their leading producer Steve Duberry (Tina Turner, Lulu, The Shamen) on the theme tune for their video release All Star American Wrestling. The single was also placed on the Big Hits 92 compilation album (Hit Records/Chrysalis/EMI). In December 92, Born 2 B journeyed to Turkey to make a live appearance as part of a concert for Ruya in Istanbuls premier venue, Julianas.

This gained much media attention and led to a big demand for more of Born 2 Bs original style of music. In the beginning of 1993, The Band Played The Boogie was released in America on the compilation album Acid Jazz Volume 3, becoming a huge club hit in New York. Also due to public demand, the single was re-released across Europe in the summer of 93 to coincide with the release of the new Us3 album on Blue Note/EMI Records. The single was again licensed to Sony Music Germany in 1996 for their compilation release Street Soul 2. As Born 2 Bs style developed, he made contact with Blak Twang and Producer Victor-Redwood Sawyer of Hil Street Soul (Dome Records UK) to start writing new tracks for Born 2 Bs solo album. In 1994, Born 2 B set up a partnership with Partners n Rhyme Productions (USA) to produce a successful major project in the form of the Rap Archives Legends series. Volumes one and two were released throughout Europe and the USA via Century Vista Records in 1995/96.

These compilations feature live and rare recordings of many major US and UK Old School Rappers. Born 2 B has since produced a 4 x CD special edition box set of The Massive Sounds Of Rap Archives in June 1997 for Mos Music Ltd, which received a huge promotional campaign from Tower and HMV Records in London. Rap Archives Legends has gained interest Worldwide and is a major project for Born 2 Bs Hustlerz, Inc. Music Productions. In October 1997, Born 2 B released his first self-produced single entitled Can We Start Over by Born 2 B on Century Vista Records (USA). Underground success demanded a follow-up in February 1998 with his second single for the label, Gettin Blue.

In June 1999, Born 2 B was offered an advertising and marketing contract for his Hustlerz, Inc. Website with Loud Records AKA.COM Music Network after being voted as one of the Top 50 Hip Hop Websites in the World. After a business trip to New York in September 2000, Hustlerz, Inc. Entertainment Ltd was formed. In 2002, Born 2 B set up his own production studio. As a production company, Born 2 B works with some of the newest and best R&B Singers, Rappers, Ragga DJs and Rock bands from London, Los Angeles and New York. Born 2 B has been writing and producing a wealth of new material as well as co-writing/co-producing alongside Laron Stringer (aka DJ Lord Ron) of the Zulu Nation USA and Merlin (UK Rap Artist). The new album "Original Olde English" is forthcoming Summer 2009 from Hustlerz, Inc. Recordings, distributed by Altered Ego / Pickwick Music Group.

This is one of the Tunes Remixed By Mama ASID - 

Today I just want to add that some people seem to think that if you are in hiphop or reggae, you must be in the 20 - 30 year old age range. HA ! don't believe that .. I'm Living Proof of the Agelessness of Music.  Colin is in Chemistry, and I'm in Economics and Religion.  This also shows you that Music has no target group. He is a White Man from the UK; I'm a Black Woman from the US transplanted to the UK;  and We both love this music.  

My people today, I invite you to take a deep breath, enjoy being who you are and especially enjoy the fact that We All Exist because We Are All Born 2 BE.

Bless Up All My Friends,

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