Monday, March 15, 2010

Cherrypie and Sausage - Does anybody have a Tums ?

"I don't really care how big his sausage is.."

Top Heavy Chef Show Teaser

"when the juices from my pie touch your tongue, it's like an epiphany. everyman I've ever served my pie to falls in love..immediately"

"That's it I've had it up to Here with you wise guy. What if I just take my sausage and stick it in your cherry pie"

Does anybody have a Tums ?

Okay you know that was the build up to something even more fantastique.  Do You Remember Our Cooking Video Library ? well the video above is one of the huge library that you can browse and enjoy at your leisure. we've got cooking how to's; cooking techniques; cooking question and answer vids; cooking comedy; cooking music; cooking dates - yes we have several on how to do cooking dates. Obviously these are pretty popular with the men, because ladies always enjoy a great meal, and a fun date.

so single guys - check out the videos and learn how to make us like that sausage, a little more. (wink*wink) and ladies we've got pie baking down to a science. we've got buns, bisquits and all the gravy your man can sop up.  so we suggest if it's getting a little boring in your kitchen, stop by our video cooking library and get your spice on. who knows, you just might run into just the right dish.  uhhh huhhhh.

And just incase you don't have that hot date in mind; we've got a few neat videos and tips on microwaving for one; and oodles of things you can do to dress up ramen noodles. (don't you side eye me)  Oh I must confess we do have the best chocolate pudding recipe ever revealed to man and woman kind. it's like sex from your microwave. uummmm, uuuuuuummmmmm goooooooddd. I put this in for my friend Staci, from JustBloggled. she says she can't cook simple stuff - but trust me Staci, you can't ruin this and it's delish girly. plus you don't share this with the dogs, or anybody else. you make it and scarf it down like Big Pussy is coming to ring your doorbell. whooooosh.

These are the nine recipes we're featuring this week from the Spicy Cooking Section

Take a Peek, and you'll find something exotic and interesting to try for your table this week. We encourage you to stop by anytime you can't decide what to cook for dinner - and browse our video library. Most of the selections are simple to cook, and use items you have in your kitchen normally. 

obtw, there's a coupon for a Free Biscuit and Gravy at Waffle House listed below - so be sure to click it.

So What's Cookin in Your Kitchen Today ?

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askcherlock said...

Oooo, RE, I love those recipes! I will be visiting those a lot. Geez, I made biscuits with sausage gravy today. I should have waited. :) said...

Glad I am not the only one who makes mashed potatoes in the nude ;-)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cher, biscuits and gravy - yummmmyummmmmm... fresh loving straight from the oven. no doubt you'll be heating up pitown this week with a special dish. don't forget to let us know what you cook.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Glenn Glenn, who's puttin the butter in them mashed potato's ? you naughty bwooooyyyyyy. whip it, whip it good