Thursday, March 11, 2010

Exotic Beef IN PANTIES, again..

Sistas, now just tell me this okayyy - Is This Beef In Panties AGAIN ?
Peep this exchange of notes between My Bodybuilder Sistafriend - and I:

She Sent Me This Note Back with the Pics of the Hot Sweaty Greasy Mennnnssss...

like this one above. he is indeed a champion at something. but girls, I'd suggest you lock up ya panties if bigboy is in the crib cause he bound to bust em out in all the wrong places. and I know you know what I mean. *(disclaimer I am not saying anyone is gay - I'm saying they look like they're changing roles, and the men are wearing large womens undies.  okay as the kids say "No Homo"  and I mean that.)

fyi, my hubby was a bodybuilder and that's how we got into the convo about the guys and their attire; and I was a boxer who still hits the bag quite often to relieve stress. so we've both been seen as physically challenging the roles of what we think we see when we look at people. ya know, and girlfriend bodybuilder is a former cop who keeps her body tight as a drum doing lots of working out and pilates. she wants to get her contest body. I think it's crazy. but then again look at me now.. (side-eye)

The Bodybuilder Sista Gurl Said :
Girl you are too funny. Those women work hard for that look....but they ain't cute.
It's a shame that the men get more dough for their event.
Heres the guys.....Kai won $130,000
Kai Greene Wins Again At Arnold Classic - yes that is the Govenator himself helping hold that efigy of himself.  well really it's like him 25 years ago when he was Mr. Universe.  anyway back to the scenario..

This is the caption for the picture above :

Kai Greene Wins Again At Arnold Classic
Phil Heath of the United States won 2nd place. He received $75,000 presented by Eric Schwartz of Animal and an Arnold Classic medallion presented by Michael O’Hearn of
Branch Warren placed 3rd in this year’s Arnold Classic and was awarded $50,000 presented by Jan Tana of Jan Tana and a medallion by Eric Broser of All American EFX

It Started With This Note from the Bodybuilder Sistagurl to me -

This is the Womens Winner  Iris Kyle of Texas - WOW, she's Really got NO Tits, and almost No Ass ?

Iris Kyle Wins 2010 Ms. International

Iris Kyle Wins Ms. International at the Arnold Sports Festival 2010 
  Iris Kyle Wins Ms. International at the Arnold Sports Festival 2010
Iris Kyle of Cypress, Texas is the winner of the Ms. International bodybuilding competition here at the Arnold Sports Festival 2010. 

I keep trying to figure out how they could be winners and have none of the female bodyparts ?  I mean really where are their female looks ? when they take off their clothes and their stripper shoes  they have hard legs, hard chest, hard faces - they wear wigs, and have breast implants in order to have breasts - when they start to get into the contest world. they really want to loose ALL Their Extra FAT. yep, butt and boobs - GONE. they have all their clothes made because they don't wear regular womens sizes. it's crazy. 

I had a work out partner who was a former Mr. Olympia and he made me really understand how much they are willing to sacrifice to win that -0- percent body fat "oooooooooo". he ate tuna out of the can all day long, and drank milk by the gallon. crazy. he was the size of a small car. women went nuts over him. it did nothing for me, really. I've dated lots of bodybuilders and martial artists before I married; and they've got nice lean bodies but not so large and out of proportion that you are not sure which gender they are with their clothes off. anyway back to the drama.. sorry I'm very easily distracted as you already know - (sideeye)

Adela Garcia Wins Arnold 2010 Fitness International

Adela Garcia Wins Arnold 2010 Fitness International Adela Garcia Wins Arnold 2010 Fitness International
Adela Garcia of Austin, Texas won the Fitness International competition at the Arnold Sports Festival 2010.  She received $25,000 presented by Steve Downs of MHP, a trophy presented by Brian Cavanaugh of GNC, congratulations and Tony Nowak jacket from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone

 So when I saw it I thought to myself, Hey this is not what it appears to be, again - what's going on here ? so I shot her this note :

These Are MEN In Bikini's - I can tell baby.
there's a whole lotta testosterone up in this first pic especially.
that one in the red is a whoooooooole lotta man. whew,
and is that lee haney on the end in the black with a wig on ?
girllllll ain't nothing in there WO-man


~RE // Reality in a Foundation Sound
You must admit for yourself the most feminine thing on that stage was their stripper shoes.. Really Doh,
(yes ladies I linked the photo to the real url so you can take a good look at it)

so then she sent me the whole group picture of all the mens.  all I could say was hey they got on fat girls thongs.. I oughta know (pfssttt mind ya bitniz okay). them ain't no damn walk in the store fruit of the looms. no sir oo-wee, thems Hot Pants Baby.. in bright exciting colors. just look at em. tempting turquoise, passionate purple, exotic brazilian emerald, Oh Lawd look at that hot ass cincinnati chocolate,  oh have mercy sweet palate of Mother Earth. these look like mens.. They Setting the Spring Pallet for us.  holy victorias secretions. ladies it's time to shop.

Disclaimer - Open At Your Own Hot Flash Risk No Foolin -

*Ladies I suggest you get a glass of something cool to drink slowly, ..BEFORE YOU ENLARGE IT. it is after all Thirsty Thursday Right ?
Okay, Now After I spent a FEW Moments Looking it it from different angles at the  -=w i d e s t   s c r e e n=-   I could muster; I took a good loooooooooooong drink of ice water Then,, You Right

 I shot her back this final note. yes I meant every word and you know I did..
click to read the story on the news site
so no white guys competed this year ?

and sorry honey but that's beef in PANTIES.
look at them foots turned in that fake pidgeon toe stance.
uhh ruhhhh,, uh huh. where ms jay at. pffst.. somebody need
to get that babyhair all going back in the same direction.
he lookin a bit fuzzy bout them yaki's.  where is derek j
from rhoa , when you need his ass ? or at least dwight eubanks.

ain't no men in this picture Honeypie
 - so I'm sure you got them mixed up
cause they all welll..
not really men.

Girl - Go look at your husband  and look at his feet,
and how he stands. and then look at them.

Just as I thought...


~RE // Reality in a Foundation Sound

click to see the LIFE SIZE Pose


It's Gettin Hot In Here, Somebody turn on a fan, and open the window baby. they showing me thangs I aint seen up close like that there, in a long time and I kinda need to study em a lil bit more.

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askcherlock said...

RE, these bodies all look like the same gender to me! Don't they realize how their bodies will look in 20 years? Oh, so not good.

RE Ausetkmt said...

I think they just don't get it cher.
I've seen the ahnald sagggg, and it ain't pretty.

Dorothy L said...

That is some serious body fat ratio there...yikes...Muscle Central to be exact.
Body builders are of an entirely different breed of humans. They live to look like they and women alike and only they can appreciate what it takes and how it looks ...with the final product.

I have met a few in my days and they definitely speak a different language...these are not your typical gym rats ....that is fact~
This can be called an 'Art' of a certain type~