Thursday, February 11, 2010

TT: Einstein and the Vice Crew give you fresh Mannish Water

VBS is the ISH. 

okay some of you may not know what I'm talking about so I'll share a short Vice Video with you to prime you for the explanation. watch the video and you'll enjoy it, as well as the little tropical vacation you have while watching.  then we can talk more,

Okay now the area where they went to have the party is on the other side of the Blue Mountains on the north east coast of Jamaica - called Portland. much like the US city of Portland; the residents are quite artsy and do love their fish.

Einstein the main character, is a young singjay from Portland in an area called Drapers District. now hold on, Drapers District is much like Trenchtown. If we nah call unnu nah fi come. yeah it's crucial like that.

now notice they were splashing cash. They went to Big Ship Studios which is owned by Freddie MacGregor one of the pioneers of reggae; had a dubplate made. then they went to country and bought a young goat. bought some beer and liquor; and then rented a soundsystem to throw party a bush.

this is not uncommon in Jamaica. most times the people who are financing the entire party do not realize it. this is one of the complexities of being a star in an  impossibly impoverished society, fed on star worship. they ask you if you want to pay them to cut a dubplate and then you have an instant concert. instant drama.. Yard Style.

most of you don't know who Einstein is and have never heard him. not a problem, check him out here -

anyway, can you imagine that party happening all of a sudden in your community, if you lived and came from a very poor mountain side community ? this makes Einstein an instant superstar in Drapers District. thats' something to really be proud of for a minute. instead of having to sleep on a concrete floor or steal food to eat, he brought money, a goat and some foreign financed fun to his neighbors. yes he came from a single parent household where apparently he had it rough. things are changing for him and his star is apparently rising.

Must Be the Mannish Water,

This is what they were cooking in the pot since you already know what the extra parts were, remember. Ahhhhhh Yesssss,, it's Thirsty Thursday with Spicy Soup for Men.

Large Up Einstein and Vice Crew Fi hold a party a Drapers, Respect Mi Seh

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Jacqueline said...

What a talent. I must have listened to Einstein 10 times.

I love trying new foods, but I might have to pass on the mannish water ... if I am ever offered any. LOL

RE Ausetkmt said...

I'm glad you did pass sweets, because that's the nastiest stuff I've ever seen close. no woman I know has ever tasted it. I really think the men make it as a dare to see if a woman is that much of a daredevil. no woman I've ever heard of has ever had it. it apparently works. (wink*wink) yeah einstein is a gangsta rapper and that track I used is one of the rare tunes he has that can be played here. I really do not care for the gunboy tunes and dont' play the gully gaza feuders.

this was just really about the Vice Magazine crew and how they effected the area and how it spilled out. interesting huh ?

askcherlock said...

Really interesting videos, RE. It makes me want to visit Jamaica one day. It does get bad press as sometimes being violent, but you can see that anywhere in the States. Thanks for a look at some really cool videos!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cher, Jamaica is just like the usa only smaller and with more black people. there are good areas and bad areas crime wise. most of the island is like the preverbial garden of eden. green, lush and tropical. the food and the people will suck you in the moment you arrive. if you love old style church, you'd love to attend a tent meeting where they sing and shout until dark and then they eat and start all over again.

Yeah Mon, Come to Jamaica and Feel Alright.