Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thirsty Thursday @ The Jersey Shore - See The Movie HERE NOW (nsfw)

I must admit I do-not like the Jersey Shore. it's such a Hair Gel type of show that it makes me wonder, why someone would actually watch this show regularly.

apparently there are some people like me, who do not watch and don't know who these people are. well to help get you up to speed, we're going to give you a video quick course, since this is after all a video show.

Okay, this is the Cast. pay careful attention as you don't want to get them confused in the next videos. it's easy to tell them apart if you pay attention.

it's alot like the Real Housewives shows. each and every one of them is about drama. no not real drama, small personal drama.  this is a song to kinda break that drama down for you quickly. it won't take long because honestly speaking.  if you feel the need, rewind it and listen again. we did; and we wiped our screens off from the tea. it was that kinda experience. especially hearing it in such current day terms. uh huh.

These people are so self absorbed that they can't even see what's going on around them.

Hello Jersey Shore Anybody Hooooomeeee ?
apparently this all started a looooooooong time ago. there were signs of this when they were in Juiceboxes.  Dont' believe me

Uh Huh,, exactly as I thought -
you peoples are a buncha guidos and guidettes. (wink*wink)

obtw, if you missed the finale, here it its just for you. it's the Jimmy Kimmel Security Players. remember whos' who from the first video so you don't get it twisted, okay ?

tell me this is not exactly what you are thinking, do you think that he even understands that this is not about him ?  of course not,, this is the Joisy Shooooore..

IMHO,  "This is Really a Situation". and after that; I think we can all use a Lil Iced Tea. Goodnite Wolf Blitzer.

See Ya Tomorrow Goodpeeples,

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And, in honor of the hilarious parodies I just saw, I must say, "OMG".

How you dey?

askcherlock said...

I wish I could offer a cogent response about this show, RE, but I haven't watched it. It looks like stereotype central, and I'm not sure that's good.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Solomonsydelle, you are right, OMGGGGGGGG !!!! mi good and how unnu deh ?

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cherrr you know there is no cognizent response to this craziness. if you come up with one I can promise you the writers will make it impossibe to work into the show. can you imagine they are bringing this back for another year ? hopefully they bring Dr.Phil and Adam Corolla as the back up crew for the interventions; because that's all I can see happening in part two.

talk about a huge waste of tv space