Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whoopi and Wendy = WOW !

Most of you know I am an official friend in my head of Wendy Williams.  I catch her show when I can and tonite I saw the show where Whoopi Goldberg is her guest.  it made me cry too, ooooooooooooo.. watch,
 a minute where Whoopi comforts Wendy.  get a tissue, it's touching.

Wendy being the ever observant new kid on the block - took an opportunity to widen her circle of friends by sending flowers; to congratulate the ladies of the View, on  their recently won daytime Emmy Award. Whoopi took Wendy up on her offer to appear on her show. this is the first so called A-Lister to appear on Wendys' show. it was great to see them sitting there on that couch, laughing and talking. oh that Whoopi makes me so happy giving Wendy some Love. I especially loved when Whoopi told Wendy "Well you didn't have to do all them things to get here". oh yes that's Sistah Whoopi - down by law  and not holding back a single punch.

a few minutes later they talked about Whoopi's special diet shakes and what she uses for her weight loss plan. this was one of the funniest moments in the show; it was just after Wendy asked Whoopi at Whoopi's insistence - who she was "Doin". Oh Yessssssss she didddd, and whole lista names was rattled off with Sista Whoopi smilin and not sayin a word; shakin them trademark dreadlocks from side to side with a big cheshire cat smile on her face - she ain't denied nobody.. Whoooooooo Baby everyone of em had millions  or BILLIONS and were either big time actors, directors, producers or just hella rich guys. we hear whoopi don't play outside of her league when it comes to dating. shes' been married and she knows the score.

Butterah,  when Wendy asked Whoopi if she had a juicer; Whoopi replied - "No I have a Magic Bullet" .. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG,, No She Didn't.. that damn Whoopi. Wendy and Whoopi had the audience rolling when they started discussing the variations of Bullets and or Bull'et's that every woman needs to own. Yes They Did,, OMG Yes They Did.  you can decide for yourself if this is the Magic Bullet or the Magic Bull'etWhooo Ha !  I ain't touchin that; not even on Ms Wendy's couch.

Only on the Wendy Williams Show can you get this type of Reality,
"How You Doin, Say it Like Ya Feel It - How You Doooooin"..

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msladydeborah said...

Dang! I really wanted to see Wendy and Whoopi. I was so tired after battling through our latest snow storm. It sounds like it was an all the way live interview.

ManOverBoard.com said...

Wow haven't seen Wendy in over a year, she had that first show on I forgot what channel but it was three of them her surrounded by a couple of guys and always all decked out. I had to look twice at her as she wasn't all made up. I am glad Whoopi went on and hope Wendy does well. Maybe then they can put some heat in the studio so she doesn't have to wear those fur Ugg boots ;-)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Lady D, I actually was lucky enough to remember that it was on at midnite and there they were. wendy in her ugs and whoopi in her keds.

the way they talked was like mother and daughter. it made me literally feel the love pouring through the teevee. when more of the segment is published I will be sure to post it so we can all enjoy our visit with wendy and auntee whoopi.

so you got more snowwwww ??
aaaawwww honeypie, make you some hot chocolate and add a lil baileys irish cream to it. drink and refill; then - go blog girly.

RE Ausetkmt said...

awww Glennn you watch Wendy.. you are a man after my own heart, yes you are.

she was dressed like that in honor of the opening of the winter olympics. you know wendy loves to go with the times, and she celebrates every big event in wardrobe.

I love the straight wig. it really looks different. the dark color makes her look younger too. I think you're talking about when they put her radio show on tevee for that brief stint. that was quite a while ago. I had honestly forgotten all about it.

That Auntee Wendy You can't get no better on daytime tevee.

Cinnamon-Girl♥ said...

I just watched Wendi for the first time a few weeks ago and I really liked her. I love her white boots! I would so wear them. The video of Omarosa is hilarious.

I tried to comment on Recycled Frockery and it asked me for a wordpress password? Did you change something?

Anywhoo I'm thrilled that your going to send me a side dish! Woohoo! And I have every intention of continuing to visit you - you couldn't get rid of me now if you tried! XO

RE Ausetkmt said...

Reeni, and Moon Kitty ! how nice to see you !!! recycled frockery has a very bad blogtude right now and I'm contemplating very slowly and carefully exactly how to deal with it's behind the scenes failures and issues. pretty soon it will take a lil break for rebuild. wanted to do it this week but there are still items on the honeydo list ahead of it. sadly. I so love that blog and it gets lots of visits. it's mysql and spam issues have become crippling. that's why it's gonna come back with a clean database and start a new life as a green living blog and we are gonna do one day a week about one recipe. we're sticking to our stuff because no-body ! can out cook Reeni. I look at lots of blogs and trust me, none of them can hold a salad fork to yours.

isn't it liberating not being in entrecard .. ahhhhhh. I only have one blog in there and I keep it there to watch what's happening in entrecard - purely.

but pretty soon, that is gonna end.

expect my entry on my next visit.

Cheers Reeni and Moon Kitty