Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Real Story Behind THAT KISS..

Recently Toni Braxton stopped by to sit down with Wendy Williams. Oooohhhh Yes !
Toni finally tells us what's going on with her latest Drama Fueled Cougarlicious appearance with Trey Songz on the Soul Train Awards.supposedly the cooreographers' put it in.
Hmmmmmmm ???

Shortly thereafter it was announced that she and hubby were calling it quits. I can see why,

somehow this kiss seemed more premeditated. that appears to be the real reason for the split even if no one is giving any details. Trey has been totally mum on the entire scenario; which begs one to ponder if it could have been another deviously hatched hollywood plot ? both singers dropped cd's in relatively short time and both are in the headlines because of the controversial kiss.

Check out Toni's Chat with Wendy,

Interesting Huh ?  and the new short do looks so fresh and cute.  Toni has always been one to look to the future. even in the depths of her problems with the IRS and Record Co's. she's never lost her optimism toward her career and success.  spending months in Las Vegas in her own showroom proved how successful she was, to not only the record companies; but to Toni as well.  she eventually closed her always popular show in vegas, only after advice from her cardiologist to stop working so hard.  finally she heeded his advice and went back into the recording studio to work on her present.

Before her appearance on the show, Toni had called Wendy and they had a short chat about her seperation and the trey songs incident,  check this out

Toni Braxton: I’m a little sad about it. I really don’t like being separated, I enjoyed being married but we are definitely separated. We’re great friends and we have kids together and we still work together, but um, yeah we are separated.
Wendy Williams: But he was there at the Soul Train Awards.
Toni: Yes.
Wendy: What did he say about that kiss?

Toni: Actually I talked to him about the kiss before hand because the team and the choreographer suggested it because we were trying to narrate the song. There is a lyric in the song, in the bridge where it says, [Singing] ‘Don’t you want to try again, started with a little kiss…’ So the kiss, you know the girl, you tell the guy it’s over, he’s so yesterday and he kisses you and you kinda get lured back in again. So we were trying to narrate the song. That’s where the kiss came from.
Wendy: I didn’t know you knew Brooke Hogan?
Toni: Yes, I do. Actually I know her dad and said, ‘Oh my god we have to get Brooke in the video.’
Wendy: A lot of your fans are concerned about your health and we want to know, ‘How you doin?’
Toni B: I’m doing good. Much better. I went from 11 different medications to three, my heart is pumping well. I’m doing good. I don’t need a heart transplant. I’m great.

Check out Ms. Toni doing her thang Live on Wendy. we absolutely love it. we're old fans of Toni and we're hoping to see more videos from her new release hitting youtube. she is very pretty and her videos are always a treat. no matter what she goes through, she always comes out honest and beautiful. Toni is a True Star.  the only thing that makes us wonder about what happened this time is, was her marriage in danger before the kiss ? or did the kiss seal the fate and end the fairytale.  eight years and two kids is an awful lot to risk for a kiss..

we just wonder, is it worth all this drama to sell a cd Toni ?

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One of The Guys said...

People will go to almost any lengths to sell or hype their wares.

It used to be all about the music. Now it's all about the marketing.

It's a bummer! said...

I always loved Toni, why do we have to get old????? At least she didn't show her vag, like all the other singers are now a days :-)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Guys !!! Good to See Ya. yeah it's stupid. angelika reminded me about Aaliyah being on the grammy awards pregnant - then poof no baby.
R Kells got a grammy, Aaliyah died.

that's the most horrible example of fame going wayyy wrong. and that my friend is a total bummer.

but you gotta admit that Toni looks like a million dollars. and then shoes, lawd have mercy Jesus, where are mine ?

RE Ausetkmt said...

Glenn, you know she is always tasteful with her exposes. that trey songs mess really I think was the worst she could get with it, in public.

but why oh why would you basically french kiss a man who is not your hubby on stage at a major awards show and your hubby is in the audience watching ?

Honestly, this deserves the marquette side eye with a neck twist and a Whaaaatttt ????

oh yeah, she tipped the scale this time, but she still looks flawless and she will always be one of our favorite female singers.

such a voice and such drama. whew, ms toni always got it covered.

askcherlock said...

I have always liked Toni Braxton. When she sings "Unbreak my heart" I want to cry even if I don't have a reason to. I love her short hair. Wish I could talk hubby into letting me cut mine short, but nooo way!

askcherlock said...

And did I mention I was a blond at one time?