Sunday, February 7, 2010

MM:Diehard Reggie Watts does Simply Red Right

Lets do something a little bit different this Monday. do you enjoy eclectic music ? in fact music so unusual it's in a class of it's own ? then you'll probably enjoy our star for today - Reggie Watts.

He's got a style that can't be explained; but must be heard

you may remember seeing him in a recent Die hard Battery Commercial.  he's done alot of television in Europe and loads of concerts around the world. unfortunately he's a relative unknown on American television.  I wonder why - but that's another post. can you believe that this tune is 25 plus years old ? yes, it was released in spring 1985. wayyyyyyyyyy back then.  but it sounds so current, particularly since the subject matter  is of course - Money.  that's really why we chose it today. plus Reggie Watts does it to death. we've included Simply Red at the end for your added enjoyment.

So What'dya Think ? 

if you ever wondered what Simply Red would sound like redone in hip hop ? now you know. Absolutely Genius. soul to funky techno hip hop. we give Reggie a  big thumbs up and hope you do too.  talent like this should be showcased and enjoyed. there aren't many real artists who understand how to do the human beat boxing. Reggie has perfected it, and turned it into his own musical art form.  Because of Reggies' persistence, the art form has passed into the realm of Madison avenue; and hopefully will live on in advertising, music and hip hop history. 

Bravo Reggie

We want to send a special shout out to Our Friends Dorothy, Jacqueline, Cher, Dori and Brit Boy; as we know they all love this tune too.
Soul Music Baby,  Now Lets hear it for Eclectic Music Monday

Lack of tech specs keeps DieHard spot from full power


When it comes to connecting with young people, online is where advertisers like to direct a lot of their attention. Case in point is a new campaign from Young and Rubicam/Chicago for the DieHard brand of battery sold at Sears and Kmart stores.

One of Y and R's new DieHard online videos features hip comedian Reggie Watts, who has all of his performance paraphernalia, including a huge bank of background lights, attached to a DieHard battery.

» Click pic to enlarge image -  Comic Reggie Watts hooks up his equipment to a DieHard battery in an online ad spot.

While it is powering all of Watts' stuff, the DieHard battery -- as the 90-second video eventually gets around to showing viewers -- is able to start a vehicle to which it is also attached. The video, though three times as long as a typical TV commercial, never says exactly how long the battery has been powering all of these attachments. Is it seconds, minutes, hours or days? That bit of detail is missing, and from our vantage point, the absence of that information diminishes the video as a sales tool. But Reggie Watts fans won't be disappointed. The video does a fine job showcasing him.

We found a traditional DieHard TV spot that Y and R also created to be much more effective -- even though Watts is nowhere to be seen. Rather, the very watchable spot shows two very non-showbizzy technicians freezing a DieHard battery in a cake of ice to minus-40 degrees and then demonstrating the battery will still start a car. We also see the battery baking in an oven set to a scorching 176 degrees. Even when subjected to intense heat, the DieHard starts the car. The TV spot also doesn't talk specifics about the elapsed time for these tests, but it is sharply focused on DieHard's strengths.

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Ruth said...

I like Reggie! Thanks for the intro.

And thank you so much for your great comment at my Rosa post. I'm honored that you want to link up. And I'm honored that you think of me as a thinking Blackwoman. Hope you won't be disappointed to know I am a thinking Whitewoman. :)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey There Ruth. Reggie is fabulous. much like your blog. oh no dear I think of you as a Thinking WOMAN. go read the piece today over on my main blog.

You are such an inspiration, I'm honored to have met you. and you're in michigan ? wowww,

vange said...

That's really cool--thanks for sharing!

Jacqueline said...

Fresh. I love Reggie Watts because he's "free!" Thanks for sharing him with us.

Dori said...

Great them!