Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tigers' A Bonified Player - But can he make it a One Hole Game ?

Back in the good old days of Tiger's Hey Day they produced a few videos on him, like
the Walk on Water Tiger. this is His So Called Jesus Shot. yeah right,,  he actually did this in one take. what makes this so ironic is the blasphmy that wrapped that nine iron around his career, literally. he should have known better than to think he could box with GOD.

these next few videos are really funny. Today we show you just how Tiger Gets Remixed;  multiple times by all kinds of people; in all kinds of musical and comedy styles. it's all really funny. if you think back to the beginning, it all started when the first voicemail remix appeared a few weeks after the car crash.

we of course brought you that one. it's still getting hits galore on the Youtubes.  The more recent crop which are spreading like wildfire on social networks, including Twitter; are all about Tiger and Rehab. we have to admit that the creative energy that is going into the quality of these tunes is really welll,,, Unique and Interesting.  can you imagine what this would have been like for Bill Clinton when he cheated on Hillary - in the days wayyyy before YouTube and Twitter. wow, Monica Lewinsky would have been a superstar.

This dude Pete Lee is ON Like Popcorn. I like his delivery and his thoughtful use of locations - like the horney clinic. yeah,

we believe that because of the quality in some of these, they may be around longer than Pants on the Ground Dude.  I can imagine he's pissed because he got busted by the originators and that quashed his moment of fame.

Do You Like Ke$ha, Go Girl, blah Blah Blahhhhhh, Exactly

hey is that Lady Gaga in there ? ooohhh now that puts a whole new twist on this. the tune is catchy and dancable, much like the original mix of Tigers call to Rachel. but this time you can actually Shake Ya Own Nine Iron and Holla What FORE Tiger, What FORE Maynn ?

Tiger Woody puts a ball in a hole and gets paid
this is a white rap version complete with cut and pasties. we think it lacks alot in production quality but the lyrics are funny.  Tiger can no doubt relate to this in more ways that we could ever know.  it must be hard to see all this and not want to publically respond to it.

Then we have this Black Eyed Peas Version of Tigers Got A Feelin, Yeah A Feelin and probably a whole lot more than that, considering he was feelin ten plus..

how about the Eye of the Tiger ? we like the lyrics in this one because it really addresses the issue and what to do about it. that's why I guess it's one of my favorites in this new crop. we especially enjoyed the chris brown references and lyrics.

This one should be in regular airplay rotation, whenever his name is mentioned. I wonder if he has even heard it yet ? if not he should.  there is so much he could learn from these videos. mostly about how people see him and his escapades. 

SNL even threw their version into the preverbial ring of fire. it was on the show that RhiRhi  was a music guest. that apparently brought up the question of if or not it was offensive to her.  we think deep down inside it was, but she was a professional about it and went on with the show. besides it was alot more positive for her to be headlined on the show, than to again rehash the whole chris brown incident. she showed grace under fire,  and it's taken her career to a whole new height

Then this pissed off some people - you know how they are about their game shows. but we still keep trying to figure out, How Tiger Got the Private Number On The Show ?  aaahhhhh that's right, he has everybody's number.  lets see how the guy handles it.  have you seen the Tiger Woods Mistress Tracker, 

Yeahhhh, Why should he take his name off his phone for you Tiger ?

Here's the New Tiger Woods 2010 WII Game Review.
Now apparently it comes with some really new twists and modes. you have to check this out before you decide which one of these two game versions to get for your house.  we're actually considering NEITHER.

Really Doh, They should put a warning message on the screen when you are in Escalade Mode. how would you even know that a Tree Could Just Pop Out INTO The Road and Attack You That Way ?

Wow, there are some new twists in this new EA Sports Pro Version too.  Like the mistress rendevous mode. that must be on a hidden level or something.  apparently the Wife Mode can locate and quash it instantly. this looks like the version we'd get. it just seems more controlled; if you know what we mean.

Do you remember those people who went on YouTube to defend Britbrit in her crazy cheetos days ? well Tigers' got a whole pride of tearjerkers. some of em make you want to slap the screen with cheeto covered fingers.this is just the bottom of the barrel. if you google "Leave Tiger Alone" you'll find pages and pages of versions. each and everyone of them is unique in it's own way. Tiger would be so proud of his pride no doubt. pfffffsst and  a long ass side eye to each and everyone of you cheeto eaters.

Yeahhhh  YOU Need To Leave Tiger Aloooooooooooooneeee,, 
all he wants is to play with his stick and balls, He's a Human Being.  

This one is really crazy; because it takes your mind to a whole different place

And Of Course we have Letterman's Top Ten Tiger Woods Text Messages. can you imagine what Tiger must be thinking when he sees' these on television, and then it takes on a life of it's own on YouTube. Wow,

Of course We Saved the Best for Last. This is Hitler's Disappointment at finding out that Tiger Cheated, Priceless. he looks like he is actually going to blow up his own bunker. Aaaaaa Mein Fuhrer calmin downen.

this is our music monday presentation. if it made you chuckle even a little leave us a comment, as we're wondering where everyone is these days ?

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askcherlock said...

Tiger, Tiger, you went and lost yet another sponsor. No more Gatorade for you, sorry.

The crying video was pathertic. The Letterman one was funny and the Hitler video was hysterical. RE, you made a hole in one with these videos!

One of The Guys said...

This picture is hilarious and sad at the same time!

Your site was one of the sites we gave some props to today. Enjoy!

Have a good one.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cher do you think he's seen any of these yet ? apparently he's watching the youtube barbs. hope he understands they're all meant in good spirit. just like our post. ;)

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Guysss,, How you doinnnn ? we always love the linky love and the sweet laments. You're The Best. Thanks a Million Times Sai