Monday, February 1, 2010

Have Mercy - Let Me Take You There with The Staple Singers

There are times when I wished my spanglish was better; but this isn't one of them. yes my friends it's music monday and this week we've got a twist fo ya asses; plus we remind you of the Real Grammys. we commin skrate outta the kiddie rap bag today. it's not like we're endorsing this pint sized hot mess, but somebody needs to show y'all what not to let ya chilluns be doin on youtube.

there is nothing, I repeat NOTHING Cute about this.  and yes he's saying "I'm a real cute kid" el nino mas bonitoI don't piensa tan papi del lil

where are the Mommas ? and God forbid the Daddies ? who dressed them like that, and why ? please tell me this is not some kinda new trend. to put your kids on Youtube looking like minature versions of played out stereotypes ?  we got this from Going Guerilla; and quiet as it's kept, I think they weren't too impressed either.
Aaaayyyyyyyeeeeeee mi poquito muchachas e muchacho es loco.. estos padres de los cabritos no deben saber realmente. el pimpin sus cabritos no es fresco.

please somebody hep me now, cause they done took me there.. and for good measure we're including a real music video so y'all dont' feel cheated. classic and classy - The Staple Singers at the Grammys in 1973. this is of course in honor of tonights Grammys. don't you wish they had singers like this still. saddd what they call good music these days.  and to think 20+ awards could go to three women.  crazy stupid. isn't there enough real talent out there anymore. where are the Jasmine Sullivans; the Etana's, The Tanya Stevens'; the Cherrine Andersons' and the Chrisette Michelles' ? I've had enough of the beyakis' for a while. lets get some real music back in the market people.

Yes Sista Mavis Take Us There, Please..

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Sheila Sultani said...

Dad's in jail and moms a crack ho OR he really is just a mini of his daddy - es muy loco!



I have refused to watch this video and I will continue to do so. All I can say is, I hope this child and his parents put as much emphasis on manners, good grades and responsibility as they do on creating Youtube videos.


RE Ausetkmt said...

sheila I wondered what would let someone do this, and obviously it's the absent state of mind. these kids need a family and some direction bad.
es familia es muy loco.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Solomonsydelle I don't think they put any values on anything but getting that gringo dolla. this in my opinion borders on child abuse. this kid should be outside playing soccer instead of thinking he's cute; because that he's not.

so did you enjoy the Staple Singers ?

askcherlock said...

This "child" reminds me of the Taliban who train their kids real early to be their very own version of 'gangstas' and that's putting it mildly. Okay, it's a stretch, but really, where are this child and the little girls in the background headed?

Thanks so much for "I'll Take You There." It took me to a good place and I sure needed that.