Sunday, October 11, 2009

MM: The Tuff Gong LIVE - NO MORE WAR Mr. Obama

Can WE All get a laugh With the President,
about this Nobel Peace Prize conundrum ?

SNL Took their shot at Mr. Obama with this cute skit.
we most enjoyed the part where he says he's going to meet with his
financial advisors and decide if they should take the one time
pay-out or the annuity. Hillarious.

The serious side of this is that most of the world is asking
the big question "What Did He Do to Win the Peace Prize" ?

The Albert Nobel Foundation says it's simply that he's promoting the
cause of peace to all nations. Interesting, since he's
ramping up his own war, in afghanistan; instead of bringing
the boys home.

with that said, we give you our Music Monday Selection
All About PEACE - and Aimed Square at Our Presidential
Peace Winner.

It's Music MONDAY and We Want You to Sing Along For Peace

You Hold This Mr. Obama

MM: From the Tuff Gong - Bob Marley and the Wailers;

Sing Along My People -

IN The Immortal Words of 
HIM Haile Selassie I - War,

"Have the Courage to Speak and Act and to Die for International Peace"
HIM Haile Selassie I - 1963 @ the United Nations

1 comment:

Doctor Faustroll said...

The rightwingnuts seem unable to accept serenity as an alternative to screaming and bleeding out or becoming kewpie dolls in Zombieland. Did you catch Lukovich's cartoon on 10/9?

These people have less shame than a bull moose in rut and fewer ideas than Terri Schiavo when Bush and the Repugnanticans wasted time and energy keeping her on life support.

Pull the plugs, freeda people.

Ironically, the word verfication is warbeybe. Say that out loud.