Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thirsty Thursday with the Pillbillies - Have Mercy !

Pillbillies.. Yes that's what they call themselves.

This is the complete Vanguard Video Documentary " The Oxycontin Express"

We watched it live tonite on television, and it was very much enlightening.
We've seen these Pain Management Clinics popping up all over the place but we had no idea what it was related to, or who their patients were. now we find out that they don't have patients, but customers. aahhhhh.
that's not good.

As customary, since it's Thirsty Thursday we're serving the drinks over on the bar at today - because there's just so much more space. you know thattt..

Now after watching this documentary, not only do we know, we wish we had known sooner. it's obvious that there is a problem, and the addicted population needs help getting it resolved.

why will the law enforcers continue to lock up people for behaviour that is not monitored and infact enabled. by the same system.  this is such a quagmire. someone needs to make this a federal priority. this needs to be addressed by the new health care bills working their way through the u.s. senate now.

Lots of top stars have addiction issues, playing out on the screen and stage right in front of us. yet there seems to be no one saying, Hey Wait, maybe you really need some help now. Why Not ?

maybe that's what we really need to ask the Big Drug Companies - Are they purposely creating a new generation of consumers, specifically for their third generation profitline ? this is so crazy that there needs to be some immediate intervention, to stop this from becoming the bain of a new generation.

and to think they call themselves "Pillbillies"..
Lawd Have Mercy Sweet Jesus,


THE GUYS said...

Prescription drug use runs rampant in colleges across the country.

Addiction is even more present.

And health care is such a mess.

We think people are so overwhelmed with their own problems, they can't think beyond themselves and their families.

jacqueline said...

Eleven deaths a day. . .trying to numb the pain. Sad.

jacqueline said...

I couldn't help thinking about this post all day yesterday. Florida is literally getting away with murder. I wonder what poor Todd is doing at this very moment. When his mother said..."that's what mothers do," it broke me down. Thanks for sharing.

Tina T said...

This is just crazy. Whenever I read something like this it almost seems like fiction. It's just hard to believe that addiction is so prevalent, but I guess it's another one of those hidden parts of society for most of us.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@The Guys - you are probably totally correct. just watching the mom with her son hooked on drugs, and the grandbaby who lost her mom to drugs; makes me so sad.

there is such a permissive attitude toward the whole drug thing and it's really gotten the best of most of us by now.

thanks for your comment Guys

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Jacqueline, that figure is even larger than that now, and the law is in place. they've started reclassifying some of the deaths that were previously thought as other, attibuting them to drug abuse.

fla is really caught in a quagmire, and the law enforcement agencies are stretched to their limits. there is no bed space in any rehabs or jails. yet they still keep arresting people, and now they are housing them out of state in private jails.

yesss,, the prison industrial complex is being fed by the drug industry. wonder if they're partnered ? Yikes

thanks for your comment

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Tina - it seems we are all kinda hoping that if we just ignore it, it will just go away. did you know that older folks are the chief new players in this dope by doctor game ?

I was kinda suprised at the extent they are calling the shots, but now I realize it's them who really have the bucks, and the ailments to get the drugs.

I hope they nationalize the drug registry to keep track of prescribers; and prescriptions in one database. that would probably put the reality into a whole new light.

maybe we should be screaming this at the congress, as they continue this filibuster on healthcare.

thanks for your comment

Paul said...

Very sad. I have to agree with Ausetkmt in creating a national registry for prescription drugs. Auskemt for President! :)