Monday, October 26, 2009

MM: Baduizms - Annie Don't Wear No Panties

erykah badu

Welcome To Music Monday

Today we're giving you Erykah Badu Live.
She's doing one of our most favorite Badu-hits.
"Annie Don't Wear No Panties"

this is our Make up for Fitness Friday
since we were so tied down in the studio
we just had no time to blog, apologies.

Turn On Those Speakers, Push Back that Chair;
Get Up and Shake It Like You Ain't Got on No Panties,
or Guys - No Boxers. Yeah Get a Sweat Goin and
enjoy the Funk with us on music monday, as we play catchup.

please take a moment and check out the post below,
for Precious. this is a very important movie and we
want to spend a few extra moments reminding you that
this movie will be opening in two weeks nationally.

Please Drop a Comment as it gets lonely when
I'm All Alone ;(


The Guy's Perspective said...

Badu is smart and sexy personified! And that groove is so funky!!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Guys ! yeah Ms. Badu is tha thang. we requested this song two years ago at a birthday celebration so she was booked for Jazz in the Gardens to sing it to us. unbelievable. one of the great perks of being in the music biz.

and yes she is as nice in person as you could ever expect. sweet southern girl like she says.