Thursday, October 29, 2009

More FABU ! Wendy Does Wigs For Haters

It's Time for a Lil Wendy Break.

Apparently Some Of You Do NOT Like Wendy -
so you complained to Entrecard that your version of the
previous video - was Autoplaying.

Well Just For You - Here's a New Wendy.
This One Does NOT Autoplay, and it's all about Wendy
and Her Wigs.

Some of You may wear wigs; some of
you may want to know more about How to Rock a Wig.

Well Who Betta to Tighten Up YO Tracks Than Ms. Wendy.

so have a betta Thirsty Thursday,

How YOUUUU Doinnn,,


Staci said...

Ooh, the Entrecard police gave you a warning ticket. I wish people would stop getting their EC boxers in a wad over music and report the real problems, like the misdirect to a dangerous site while dropping.

I wonder what Wendy would say to that? From what I've seen of the show, it would have to be something out there.

Wendy's street wig is funny. If I were going to wear a wig, it would be so I could have fabulous, straight, frizz free hair, something I never have without spending an hour with a round brush, blowdrier, and flat iron. She seems to be giving herself frizz with it or at least bed head.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Girlllll Can You IMAGINE.. (side eye)
because of a fricken one day video showing a charity pumpkin of the president and first lady and Ms. Wendy; Whoo HA !

you know what I got to say to that,
300 Drops Done, and a How You Doinnn!

RE Ausetkmt said...

and It's My Real Hair. the frizz is too much for anythang that ain't chemical to help.

I use moisturizers, silicone based sealer, natural oil; conditioner and then a curl lock. yeahhh to look a mess it takes a chemical formula that would make you have a headache tryin to figure out. not even my hairdresser knows for sure, no kidding.

obtw, no heat for me, which is why I use so much moisturizer and have to do alot of washing, to keep my curl, curly; and not frizzy.

trust me, I have my own roseanne roseannadanna days. ohyesIdoooo..

I'm really thinkin about gettin a wig to rock this winter - because I want to see how I could handle it. thinking of going bald again.