Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey Look it's KC and the Sunshine Band - Do A Lil Dance

mens danceshoes
Do A Lil Dance, Sing A Lil Song - yupper, that's the Entrecard Management
at it again.

Please Enjoy our Friends from Jacksonville,
KC and the Sunshine Band, then the crap.
oh yes, we do inject our comments - as per usual.

You are probably asking yourself What's KC and the Sunshine Band got to do with this ? well you know we reach for metaphors on this blog. this metaphor is simple.

This is a GREAT Band. In Capitals. These Guys are the Best of the Best. Look At Them Dancing, Playing their Instruments, Singing and Looking Oh So Fine.. Yeahhh Baaaay bay (ala austin powers)

The way they are as individuals; but as part of a group, that functions together. not perfect or precision - but functioning. they're not the tempting Temptations; all wrapped in silk and gliding past. these guys work the sweat up on your neck. and you want it, baddddddd. kinda like how pissed we get when Entrecard makes these Funky changes.. Ahhhhhhhh There You Go,

This is what we think our blogging buddies remind us of, that unconstructed FUNK.
the real Sho Nuff "Get Down Tonite Baby".

this isnt' easy to achieve; but we've been through our favorites list tonite and dropped 300 cards, before 2am. yes from just this blog.

why ? 

well partly because we wanted to see the widget in action and also to see what's going on in the entresphere with blogs departing. it's different, but not as bare as some might have predicted or feared. it's pretty much business as normal.

there are some of my favs gone, or missing. when they left, there was no doubt that they had come up with a plan to replace those hits from entrecard; and hopefully a link to keep us together.

I've subscribed and friended so-many blogs in the past two weeks; that I am reading as many of them on my desktop as I can, from my inbox google feed. yupper. we get it in the mail when we dont' feel the card game.

ok more comments after the Entertainment
- here's KC and The Sunshine Band - So Lets All Do A lil Dance -

Sponsor ads launched (beta)

Posted: 06 Oct 2009 03:59 PM PDT

The sponsor ads system is starting today. Currently, we are not taking any outside sponsors. As of now, there are only 2 ads in circulation. This first is an Entrecard ad that links back to The 2nd ad is promoting Entrecard Market which is linked to You can view the list of sponsors in your dashboard under the “sponsors ads” tab. Please note that you can disable one of the ads (not both) by clicking the button below the image. The remaining ad will run no more than 15% of your widget impressions. If you wish to opt-out completely, you can do so at the rate of $5/month or $50/ year (optional). This is also located under the “Sponsor ads” link.

Please note that this is a “beta” launch and we will carefully monitor the program. Please report any bugs, problems, and questions to All emails will be answered within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


ENTREALERT* Please BE SURE to Go To YOUR ENTRECARD DASHBOARD There Click the Link in "YOUR ACCOUNT" on the Top Right Hand Column labeled "Sponsor Ads". 

Clicking this link opens to a brand new page on your dashboard. now this is interesting. how can they design this page and get this widget all up to run with ads, from entrecard - yet never take a moment to create a link on your dashboard to a page where you can see your mail between the ADMNS and YOU ?

That's just one of the simple mysteries of Entrecard.

Yesterday alot of bloggers departed from the Entrecard community - because they were afraid of what this change would reflect on their blogs. I think they may have faired well.

"Justa FYI - Subscriptions, and rss feed captures are wayyyy up all over entrecard "

there are more Please Subscribe Requests being posted on the front of blogs - and more RSS Feed Subscription Widgets appearing than every before.  this is obviously the smartest move most of these bloggers have ever made.

Leaving this cardgame will probably ensure that their blog has Live Action and Visitors.
Remember, entrecard can deliver them - but you have to keep them coming back; as well as subscribing.

We've decided to stick it out for the long haul, and we're back to dropping cards, leaving comments and buying ads. we figure that Bloggers will visit to see what you've written; clickfarmers - well they do what they always do, click and run. that's expected from them anyway.

the new bloggers will subscribe if they realize the transiency of entrecard's membership.
most of the blogs here would pass by each-other unnoticed;
were there not a forced socialization mechanizm in place.
That Mechanism - Entrecard, drives traffic; and unfortunately Paid Ads..

the twist is this, Why is entrecard running impressions on the widgets without adjusting their impressions into the cost of the EC PAID ADS that Are Running on the widget during that time peroid ? Ah Ha ! We Have Found the Perverbial Fly in the Ointment

As you can see, we're thinking about it again,
and trying to figure out what this move means,
not figuratively but financially to entrecard.

Are they using this display time of their impressions; as their sales bait to their new advertisers ?

hmmmm ? only time will show us. but until then, I plan to collect as many EC's as I can
and to advertise on as many blogs as possible - since this is Blogging High Season.
lots of people are new to blogging at this time of the year,
and entrecard plans to take full advantage of it, believe that.


we should expect to be seeing our next crop of new bloggers
in full force before the end of the year, no doubt; and probably
more than a few of them will become subscribers, just watch.

but until then, we suggest you start stacking those ec's
because it's gonna be a long cold winter at entrecard this year.
and you are gonna neeeeed lots of ec's
to make those widgets Work For You.

Lets All Do A Lil Dance and See What Happens,


jacqueline said...

Hope I can hang in 'til things iron themselves out.

lot 2 learn said...

Sounds like some good advice.
I am going to bank some credits, and see what happens next

Daisy said...

I am trying to figure out, once there are more paid ads, how many we can de-select. Of course, since there are just two right now, we cannot reject more than one. I am hoping that we can reject as many as we disapprove of, as long as we keep at least one.

Dori said...

Great always put it out there like it is ;-)

Love the KC and the Sunshine Band

Doctor Faustroll said...

Noticed they're starting to ban people from the forums for other than shouting fuck in a bombed out arena. Also, there appears to be an exodus in progress. Yippy-aye-oh-tie-ay.

My widget goes in the toilet this evening and putting up one for al Qaedacard.

THE GUYS said...

Love the Funk and love the funky side of you!!!

Of course George Clinton, Parliament and Funkadelic will forever be the funkiest of all time!!! In our humble estimation.

Staci said...

I've been subscribing and joining Google Friends right and left as well, just in case the ones I read leave or I do. I think I need to switch to Google Reader, however, because all those subscriptions are starting to break Yahoo Reader.

I'm with Daisy. I'd like to know how many we can deselect once they ad more. I'm almost scared to choose one now in case tomorrow something more objectionable comes along and they decide that I can't select a different one.

Doctor Faustroll said...

As it turns out I still had two ads to run, now one. So it looks like another day, another 15% of impressions presenting bullshit and misleading advertising to my visitors.

Posted about the next steps.

I want their heads on pikes, and apparently the law might want them too.

Jude said...

I'll stay till they go under, they have now closed the forum.

Doctor Faustroll said...

Hey, now they shut down the forums and still didn't manage to lock the door before I copied a pile of wicked shit and just posted a thread of it to commemorate the loss of that late great tar-pit oF a community. Don't get your bones stuck in that shit.

My widget is still up because I accepted an ad from Joel while I was unconscious, but tomorrow the gloves come off.

I loves me a good virtual firefight with no prisoners and no mercy. Keep your flak jackets on, along with codpieces or chastity armor, and have fun, boys and girls.

That's what the InterWeb is here for, to teach you life lessons about how to win gracelessly...

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Jacqueline - I hope you can too sweets. if the road gets tough, remember We Are There Right Along With You. Feel Free to Holla @ Us and we'll come up with a betta plan.

Thanks for the shout J,

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Lot2Learn - Thanks Stranger,
so you found us again. nice to see you once more. hope you join our friends and drop by more often.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Daisy - it seems they have it rigged up so you have to show at least one of their ads. I think their inhouse ads are probably going to be less noxous - so we'll switch em up, as you can switch back and forth.

I'm only hoping it doesn't deter folks from advertising.

Thanks for the shout Daisy and Harley Kitties

RE Ausetkmt said...

@ Dori, Heyyyyyyy GA Peach !
How You Doooiiinnnnnn...

so did Brit Boy enjoy the KC and did you teach him how to do the "Lil Dance" ? I bet that was fun indeed.

we'll stay on the case and keep our eyes peeled for any new revelations, and we promise to post them post haste.

Thanks for the comment and visits Dori

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Guys !!!! How You Doooooiinnnn,,
just for you - I promise George and the P-Funk; next booty shake day.

probably Monday if things keep this pace. "I can feel the mothership is getting ready to come down"..
but then again probably all of us do - I can see from the comments They Already Arrived at Doctor Faustrolls' Clinic and are ready to move on out.

Thanks for the Comment Sweets

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Jude I'll be here with you Ms. Jude. it was your post that convinced us of the value of seeing it through.

We Appreciate Your Coolheaded Approach and tenacity beyond the call of duty. more of us should Be like You Ms Jude. I really think it's would make entrecard a nicer place.

Thanks for Dropping By Sweets

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Staci - girlllllllll... you knew they were gonna close the forums when you told us Last Week.

I Believed You - and I'd venture to say everyone else did too.

I hear that it was just a few words from a few folks who decided to go into shout mode instead of sitting back and being flies on the wall watching and waiting for the shit to literally start hitting the fan; which probably won't be long at this rate.

I just hope that they (entrecard mgmt) are finally able to trick some large advertiser to partner with them; like maybe get absorbed by google or yahoo; and then our credits will finally be worth something.

I have faith that it can happen if these folks put their heads into the job. I have yet to talk about it because I want to keep the vc's out of my blogs.

for years when I worked at the bank I watched how people like this act when they have a volatile asset - they don't understand how to turn the asset into a usable instrument to hype itself.

then again, I guess it takes talent to see a diamond in the making. one of my favorite sayings always has been

"I only want it if it's tough like 10 Thousand Year Old Carbon under fire and pressure"

yeah my girl, that's me.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@ Faustroll - you accepted an ad before you completed your google drunk mail sender ? wtfrenchtoast were you thinking ?

ooo yeahhhh right, you are in Orrr-reagan.

so is it snowing there yet ?
and yes I do mean the kind from clouds NOT made by chem trails.
and yes I do plan to talk about the chem trails next week - when I talk about why they won't sign the global clean air treaty.

uh huh.. still shittin on cotton.