Sunday, October 25, 2009

How Precious Are You ?

Many of us have seen the blogchat lately on the
upcoming movie release - Precious.

we want to help you to decide to see the movie.
from all indications, this movie exposes one of the
worst sides of our culture - abuse, rape and incest.

Clarice Precious Jones is someone we all know.
she is the girl who sits quietly and suffers
as we all watch and live our lives.

take a look for yourself, and if you think you
know a Precious - reach out to her.
show her some love and let her know that
she is not invisible. let her know that she
does matter and that her struggle is real.

this is a movie that I will be adding to my
collection as soon as it's released in dvd.

Take a Moment and Look Deep into yourself today
and share that Love with Someone, Who Needs it.

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